The Inland Ice Cap by 4X4

A guided tour by 4-wheel-drive through an Arctic desert, along rivers, through old glacier valleys and over small mountains directly to the Inland Ice Cap. We drive on narrow mountain tracks at slow speed. En route we make several photo stops and walk to some view points to overlook the fantastic Arctic landscape. (Actual destination depends upon the weather.)

I worked with Susie to book my specific tour requests. Her advice was very good and helpful regarding tour times, crowds and hotels. The bookings for bus, train and boat were through Norway in a Nutshell. There were some schedule issues with them. After taking the train from Bergen to Voss the bus schedule information was not accurate. The 1:00 bus to Gudvangen only let off riders- it was at the end of its day. There was another bus at 2:00 listed, however, that was a different company and the pre-paid tickets were not honored. Finally, we got a 3:00 bus which got us to Gudvangen for the boat to Flam. I'm not sure what happened with the scheduling, but Norway in a Nutshell needs to get it accurate. Our Hotel Opera in Oslo was outstanding! We greatly enjoyed the Flamsbyrgga Hotel in Flam...very cool and had a great brewery attached. The Thon Hotel we stayed at in Bergen had a great location right on the city square. However, the room was very small and not what was represented as to what I had requested. No other rooms were available for changing so we stayed in the one assigned. The desk staff at this hotel were less than helpful as the oscilating fan in the room was broken, the luggage rack was also broken and there was no maintenance personnel available for 2 days. Not acceptable. The breakfast at this hotel was, however, fantastic. Overall, I was pleased with my experience with Nordic Saga and can highly recommend them.