The Inland Ice Cap by 4X4

A guided tour by 4-wheel-drive through an Arctic desert, along rivers, through old glacier valleys and over small mountains directly to the Inland Ice Cap. We drive on narrow mountain tracks at slow speed. En route we make several photo stops and walk to some view points to overlook the fantastic Arctic landscape. (Actual destination depends upon the weather.)

Alex, Hi! Daniel and I wanted to reach out and thank you for the fun tour of Scandinavia we went on back in July. Everything went over so smoothly, it was almost hard to believe! The thought of taking a two week trip was scary for us in the beginning, but you were so good with us and made sure our concerns were taken care of and all of our questions were answered. The tour itself was wonderful. Seeing Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland in one trip was amazing! Don't get me wrong, we were definitely tired and a bit jet lagged here and there, but it was worth it. Only complaint would be the crummy weather for part of the trip, but there wasn't much that could be done about that! The sights were still beautiful, regardless. We learned so much from our guide, Erik, and I now know so much history about that part of the world, I could probably teach a class! (Just kidding.) So anyway, thanks again, Alex. We would have no problem recommending Nordic Saga Tours to anyone hoping to travel Scandinavia in the future! Sincerely, Pattie and Daniel Gerber