Northern Lights in Greenland

 In Greenland, you can best watch them from the end of September to March or April, depending on where in Greenland you are. Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut, and Ilulissat have guided northern lights tours during the fall and winter.

July 15, 2023
Packing list for summer trips in Greenland

On this page, you find a packing list for your summer trip to Greenland. It is a guideline that will help you with the most important packing tips.
The right clothing is the basis for benefitting the most from a trip where you spend a lot of time in the outdoors and the world’s most beautiful nature. This packing list is for summer trips in Greenland and for you who are going on tours by ship or boat and for you who are going on a trip with a lot of day hikes.

If there is anything you are in doubt about, you are always welcome to Nordic Saga Tours. We would also like to hear if there is anything else you think we should include on this packing list.

April 25, 2023
Greenland Tour Packing List

What should I pack on a trip to Greenland? It is one of the questions you are most likely to get asked when you prepare for your Greenland tour, and with good reason, proper clothing can help you get the most out of your Greenland adventure.

July 02, 2022
Iceland Tours 2022

Iceland is one of the world's safest countries to travel to this summer. Now that the pandemic is over, it has safely opened its borders and offers the same magnificent nature, rich history and traditions, amazing local people, and great food. Visit Iceland this summer and enjoy life back to normal. 

March 13, 2022
The Famous Baltic Events in Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania

If you need an excuse to travel to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – the three Baltic States - then check out this list of events, festivals, and concerts. From opera in a medieval castle to the biggest electronic dance festival - numerous events are for your choice.  

April 26, 2020
Icelandic Farms and Agriculture - How Iceland Works

Iceland's primary industries for many centuries were fishing and agriculture. In the 19th century, the vast majority of Icelanders lived only by farming. Recently, less than 5% of the total population is engaged in farming as agriculture is almost exclusively confined to the peripheral lowland areas of the country. The main occupations are the raising of sheep, cattle, and poultry.  

April 26, 2020