Most Popular Winter Activities in Scandinavia

Most visitors to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden try to flock during warm summer months. It's a pleasant time to explore the strikingly beautiful cities such as Stockholm or Copenhagen during long hours of daylight with a barely setting sun, enjoy boat trips around archipelagos of thousands of islands or cruise through and hike around Norwegian fjords. 

December 23, 2018
Scandinavian Tours from Copenhagen

Scandinavia is a region of breathtaking waterways, beautiful mountain peaks and colorful towns decorating the most picturesque landscapes. This “Land of the Vikings” offers undisturbed ecosystems, extensive forests, awesome archipelagos waiting to be discovered again and again. 

December 22, 2018
Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise Advice 2019

Hurtigruten Cruises tours offer unique cruising experience. You can discover stunning places sailing through less familiar areas of Norway, Greenland, Antarctica, and Europe on comfortable Hurtigruten ships. 

December 13, 2018