March 23, 2017

Most Popular Tours To Norway

The best time to visit Norway is all year round - depending on what you want to do and see. From June to August you can enjoy long days and the midnight sun which is ideal for hiking, cycling or cruising. May and September offer mild temperatures, fewer tourists and colourful landscapes. Springtime is particularly beautiful in the fjords, with cascading waterfalls fed by the melting snow. Wildflowers in abundance everywhere in May, while August is berry picking season. Winter can be cold and snowy, but Northern Lights brighten and colour the scenes with magic. The Northern Lights can be watched from September on, peaking in December-February.
Most tourists come during summer when there are long days with sunlight and pleasant temperatures. Norway's latitude means that daylight hours during the summer can be as long as 18 hours - perfect for hiking and biking tours. If you prefer comfort, you can tour Norway in modern air-conditioned buses or take a coastal cruise and watch the breathtaking natural beauty of the Fjords, explore the stunning coastline or go for whale watching tour.

Land of the Fjords is our best selling tour of Norway and the fjords in June and August. It offers cultural and historical experience in Oslo, Bergen and Balestrand, fantastic scenery of the Fjords, mountains, waterfalls and the luxury of traditional Norwegian food.

Norwegian Fjords and Coastline tour reveals the beauty of the most famous fjords of Norway, the coastal landscapes as well as the 3 largest cities. The sceneries will offer a chance to capture some of the most picturesque and unspoiled scenery in the world.

Norway in winter

Temperatures drop considerably in November, which announces the start of Norway's winter, a season which transforms Norway into a winter wonderland with excellent skiing, dog-sledging, ice fishing and snowmobiling opportunities. Winter's highlight is Northen Lights or Aurora Borealis. You have chances of seeing the Northern Lights between September and April when long nights provide the perfect background for this celestial performance.

Go on 7-Day Classic Voyage North which will take you away from the light pollution and most probably you will experience the unearthly scenery of Aurora Borealis show. If you are not lucky enough and will not be blessed by the performance of Northen Lights you will lose your head anyway by the beauty of the fjords, majestic granite cliffs and rugged mountainous landscapes.
Norway is fantastic all year round. Whatever the season, going on spectacular Norway Coastal cruises or touring by private coach with local highly professional guides you'll see unforgettable sights of Norway and feel the spirit of this marvellous country.