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Finland Border to Border Ski Event

9 days
8 nights






$ 1,875.00 (per person)



Mar 10, 2023 - Mar 16, 2023 on request
Mar 11, 2023 - Mar 17, 2023 on request
Mar 12, 2023 - Mar 18, 2023 on request


  • 8 nights lodging
  • Participation fee
  • All meals 
  • Use of saunas
  • Transportation during skiing
  • Luggage handling during skiing
  • Diploma of the participation
  • First-time participants will get a special wool skiing cap and a medal, both made for this particular skiing event.


“Ski from Border to Border" is a guided ski tour (not a race!) from the Russian to the Swedish border. The route is 440 km long and goes near the Arctic Circle in Lapland. There are 7 days of skiing where distances vary between 44 - 78 km per day. The event is done in classic cross-country style (no skating) The participants come from all over the world but mostly from central Europe and North America. 

Skiers’ ages vary a lot, from 20 to 75 years, and so does their athletic background, skiing skills and experience. There are people who exercise regularly and are very committed to skiing, and others who are skiing just for fun, or even first time skiers. Year after year the same people come to admire the beautiful, un-spoiled nature and to share an unforgettable week of skiing together with other friends from different cultures.

Day 1  : Kuusamo

Before the first skiing day, all the skiers unite in Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre in Kuusamo (RR1 Wednesday, RR2 Thursday, RR3 Friday and RR4 Saturday). At the evening, Border to Border organization will hold an info for all the skiers where they get all the necessary tips to the upcoming challenge. You can also get to know your new skiing collegues! At the first day, we will serve sauna, dinner and an evening snack for you.

Day 2  : 43 kilometers

The first skiing day we start with good breakfast. The journey starts from Suorajärvi, which is located about 20 km from Russian border. There are about 43 km to ski and the day ends to Spa Hotel Kuusamon Tropiikki. On the first day, the track passes the beautiful fell area of Ruka. You can enjoy your after ski in the Spa.

Day 3  : 60 kilometers

The second skiing day totals 60 km. The day ends to Hostelli Vaara Sport in Taivalkoski. During the second day you will taste traditional Finnish salmon soup in Särkelä service point! In Taivalkoski, you have an option to visit a local grocery store and pharmacy. You are also able to get a massage for yourself as well as for your skis! You are welcome to enjoy massage or to take an waxing service for your skis (these are not included in the total price).

Day 4  : 57 kilometers

The third skiing day is 57 km long. During the past years, many skiers have thought that the third skiing day is the most beautiful. The day ends to the National park of Syöte. However, notice the last heavy kilometers before fell Hotel Pikku-Syöte!

Day 5  : 86 kilometers

The fourth skiing day requires Finnish SISU (persistence and strength) because the skiing kilometers totals 86 km! The day starts with speedy downhill in Pikku-Syöte and ends to the long swamp areas in Ranua. In Ranua the accommodation takes place in Hotel Ilveslinna.

Day 6  : 46 kilometers

The fifth skiing day starts with a group picture. Even if there are only 46 km to ski, the skiers often feel little tired after the previous long day. The lunch is served in Ruona village school and the skiers sleep there as well. Ruona village school is an old building in the countryside of Lapland, so it requires some flexibility from the skiers.

Day 7  : 60 kilometers

The sixth skiing day is 60 km long. The lunch is served in Keminmaa. The accommodation for the seventh night is in Hotel Pohjanranta, which lies next to picturesque Kemijoki river. You are welcome to enjoy your afterski in the hotel's very own winery, which serves wine made from blackcurrant.

Day 8  : 54 kilometers

The seventh and the last skiing day starts from Keminmaa and ends in Tornio. It totals 54 km and has several service points. You made it! The accommodation for the last night is in Park Hotel Tornio, where you can relax in the sauna after the ski.  In the evening, all the skiers will have dinner together. After that is a celebration, where you may enjoy the shows by other skier groups and perform on your own!

Day 9  : Departure

It is time to go home! Notice that on the last day you may book your flights/other transportation from Kemi at 9.00, from Oulu at 11.00 and from Kuusamo at 15.00.



Border to Border Ski is an impressive 420 km long ski tour. However, every skier, frpm beginners to experts can participate.

Some skiers are rel pros, they come to the event to test their skills and their physical condition, as they ski whole route and even clock their time. Along with them, therae are many who just beginners or even firts-time skiers. The majority of the skiers are mid-level, they come to enjoy the surrounding nature, food, people and new culture, as much as their physical performance.

The reason it is possible to run the tour for such a diverse group of skiers is the excellent bus system allowing the skiers to hop on and off the bus as needed, as safety snowmobiles on the tour that can give a lift to the nearest service point.  

Every skier plans their day at the hotel in the morning and decides how many kilometers they will ski on that particular day. they can ski for the whole day, or start in the middle, or, if they do not feel like skiing on that day, they can ride the tour bus and cheer the skiers, while enjying the beautiful nature. They can even skip the day and stay at the hotel. 

No matter what your skiing level is, you will enjoy your Border to Border Ski Tour. It is still a god idea to train moderately before the event, so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. 


Meeting point
Kuusamo is the starting place for the skiing. The get-together day is the day before the skiing starts. Meeting point in Kuusamo is the International camp and course centre of Oivanki.

Our bus will follow the skiiers the whole week. It will carry all the extra equipment you don’t need when skiing. At least once a day during the skiing the bus will be available for the skiiers. The return transportation will start from Tornio at 07.45 am. The bus route will be: Kemi railwaystation - Kemi airport - Oulu - Kuusamo.

Service and food stations
There are 2-7 service stations along the skiing route where you can drink and eat, so you don’t need to carry lots of snacks with you. There will be dinner, evening snack, breakfast and a snack table in the lodgings. Every lodging has a Finnish sauna. In Tornio, our final destination, you can enjoy sauna and swimming pool. The snowmobile will follow the last skiier within hearing.

It is necessary that the skiiers use regular narrow skis, because the skiing track has been groomed from the starting point to the finish line. The bus willcarry your extra skis and ski-sticks. For the overnights a sleeping bag or a blanket is required.

It is very important to have enough clothes, because the drying of the clothes can be a problem. At schools participants sleep on the floor on the provided mattresses.

If you are planning to join the Birkebeiner Race in Norway after this event, call us for details and prices.