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Hidden Powers & Northern Lights of Iceland

6 days
5 nights






Economy hotel (*read notes below
$ 1,255.00 (double occupancy )
$ 1,620.00 (single occupancy)
Comfort hotels (November - April
$ 1,365.00 (double occupancy)
$ 1,765.00 (single occupancy )

Economy hotels are available only Nov 8, Dec 13, Feb 7, Marc 7 and Mar 14 departures

Children 6-11 years sharing a room and/or traveling with a guardian will receive 25% discount from the listed price.

It is not recommended that children 0-5 years old travel on scheduled tours.



Nov 01, 2018 - Nov 06, 2018 
Nov 06, 2018 - Nov 11, 2018 
Nov 08, 2018 - Nov 13, 2018 
Nov 13, 2018 - Nov 18, 2018 
Nov 15, 2018 - Nov 20, 2018 
Nov 20, 2018 - Nov 25, 2018 
Nov 22, 2018 - Nov 27, 2018 
Nov 29, 2018 - Dec 04, 2018 
Dec 06, 2018 - Dec 11, 2018 
Dec 11, 2018 - Dec 16, 2018 
Dec 13, 2018 - Dec 18, 2018 
Jan 08, 2019 - Jan 13, 2019 
Jan 10, 2019 - Jan 15, 2019 
Jan 17, 2019 - Jan 22, 2019 
Jan 22, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019 
Jan 24, 2019 - Jan 29, 2019 
Jan 31, 2019 - Feb 05, 2019 
Feb 05, 2019 - Feb 10, 2019 
Feb 07, 2019 - Feb 12, 2019 
Feb 12, 2019 - Feb 17, 2019 
Feb 14, 2019 - Feb 19, 2019 
Feb 19, 2019 - Feb 24, 2019 
Feb 21, 2019 - Feb 26, 2019 
Feb 28, 2019 - Mar 05, 2019 
Mar 05, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019 
Mar 07, 2019 - Mar 12, 2019 
Mar 12, 2019 - Mar 17, 2019 
Mar 14, 2019 - Mar 19, 2019 
Mar 19, 2019 - Mar 24, 2019 
Mar 21, 2019 - Mar 26, 2019 
Mar 28, 2019 - Apr 02, 2019 
Apr 02, 2019 - Apr 07, 2019 
Apr 04, 2019 - Apr 09, 2019 


Comfort Hotel Category

 This tour stays in hotels with private bathrooms, generally a mix of four and three star hotels.  Most of the groups stay at the following hotels.  Please note this is an advised hotel list and subject to change.

Day 1 -  Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura or Fosshotel Reykjavik

Day 2- Icelandair Hotel Fludir or Stracta Hotel Hella

Day 3- Hotel Klaustur

Day 4-  Hotel Klaustur

Day 5 - Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura or Fosshotel Reykjavik

Economy Hotel Category

This tour stays in hotels with private bathrooms, in standard economy hotels.   Most of the groups stay at the following hotels.  Please note this is an advised hotel list and subject to change.

Day 1 -  Fosshotel Raudara or Fosshotel Lind or Reykjavik Lights

Day 2- Stracta Hotel Hella

Day 3- Hotel Kria (Vik)

Day 4-  Hotel Kria (Vik)

Day 5 - Fosshotel Raudara or Fosshotel Lind or Reykjavik Lights



2 nights at a hotel in Reykjavík, including breakfast (except on arrival day).
3 nights at countryside hotels, including breakfast.
Guided coach tour from day 2 to day 5.
3 x One-course dinners with coffee/tea (days 2, 3, 4).
Entrance fee to the Northern Lights Center in Reykjavik.
Entrance to Laugarvatnshelir Cave
Geothermal bakery experience at Laugarvatn Fontana.
Visit to the new Lava Centre.
Cinema ticket at the Lava Center
Northern Lights hunt kit on day 3 or 4 (flashlight, blanket & thermos of hot drink).
Northern Light guided hunt on foot one selected evening.
Northern Lights “wake up call” option during the night (available at countryside hotels).
Blue Lagoon bathing fee + towel.


Highlights & Experience:

Walk along the continental rift at Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO site).
Enjoy freshly baked “hot spring bread”.
Discover the diverse nature along the South Coast of Iceland, with volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls.
Walk along the banks of the awe-inspiring iceberg Glacial Lagoon.
Uncover the impact and power of recent volcanic eruptions near Eyjafjallajokull.
Hunting for northern lights in optimal rural locations.
Visit the world-renowned Blue Lagoon.


Discover South Iceland's raw natural wonders

Icebergs, hot springs and volcanoes dominate Iceland's beautiful yet rugged landscape. On a guided coach tour, experience the hidden powers of the island including dramatic vistas of the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the breathtaking Glacial Lagoon.  With several overnights in stunning rural locations, you’ll be perfectly situated to hunt for the magical Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to experience this majestic phenomenon.

Day 1  : Arrival

Overnight stay in Reykjavik (airport transfer not included).

Day 2  : Thingvellir - Geysir - Gullfoss

Northern Lights Centre - National Park with Geological Wonders (UNESCO) - Exploding Geysers - The Famous Golden Falls

Start the day by visiting the recently opened and fascinating Northern Lights Centre in Reykjavik for an exciting and informative presentation on the Northern Lights.

Onwards to Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO World Heritage site) where the world's oldest parliament met for centuries on the shores of Iceland's largest lake. Drive to Laugarvatn Fontana where your group experiences a geothermal bakery first-hand and digs up bread that has been cooked underground. Sample the delicious bread, served hot from the ground and slathered with fresh Icelandic butter.

Continue through farmland areas to the geothermal fields of Geysir with bubbling mud pools and the high-spouting Strokkur hot spring. Last but not least, visit the dramatic two-tiered Gullfoss waterfall, a spectacular sight in winter when frozen mid-cascade.

Stop at Skalholt, Iceland’s capital during the Middle-Ages and now a culture center with a beautiful church. 

Overnight in the south coast area.

Day 3  : South Shore - Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Waterfalls - Glacial Views - Black-Sand Beaches - Lava Centre 

Drive along the south shore, an area of Iceland that is beautiful to view in the winter. This is one of the main farm regions of the country, and the road will pass by typical Icelandic farms, often with Icelandic horses in the fields.

This part of Iceland is home to the new Lava Centre, an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes and the creation of Iceland over millions of years. 

Stop at the spectacular waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. Head onwards, passing by Myrdalsjokull Glacier, to visit Reynisfjara beach. Take a walk on the black sands, and admire the extraordinary rock formations and thundering waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dinner and overnight stay in Kirkjubaejarklaustur area.

Day 4  : Skaftafell National Park - Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Europe's Largest National Park - Glacial Lagoon with Icebergs - Europe's Largest Glacier

Today enter the area of Vatnajokull National Park, named after Europe's largest glacier. This national park is also the largest one in Europe. The park's Skaftafell region is a site of outstanding natural beauty, dominated by Vatnajokull glacier.

View Svinafellsjökull, one of the most beautiful of the glacial outlets emerging from Vatnajökull.   

Continue to Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon where you can enjoy a breathtaking sight of icebergs floating in the fantastic 180m (591 ft) deep glacial lagoon.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 5  : Volcanic Areas - Hveragerdi - Blue Lagoon - Reykjavik

Greenhouse Village - Thundering Waves - Geothermal Lagoon

Explore the region near the towering strato-volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which is probably the most famous volcano in the world today. 

Head towards the village of Hveragerdi, which is one of the few sites in the world located directly in the middle of a geothermal area. Hveragerdi is often called "The Flower Village" because of its many greenhouses heated by hot water from nearby springs. The tour then continues to Strandarkirkja, a church that is widely believed to have special power to aid success or provide good luck. Follow along the coastline with its breathtaking waves and through a deserted community that once was a flourishing centre for the region.

On to the Reykjanes peninsula, where you can enjoy a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon, a unique wonder of nature with pleasantly warm, mineral-rich water in the middle of a black lava field. 

Return to Reykjavik, where the evening is at your own leisure. Dinner is on your own.

Day 6  : Departure

Transfer to the international airport (not included).


All departures are guaranteed with minimum of 2 participants except for German with minimum 4 participants.

Maximum group size: 36 participants.

*Please note that northern lights are dependent on weather conditions.  Sightings cannot be guaranteed.