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Iceland Complete - Small Group

10 days
9 nights






May 2023 departures
$ 3,770.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 4,705.00 (single occupancy)
$ 3,745.00 (triple occupancy)

June - July 2023 departures
$ 4,320.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 5,540.00 (single occupancy)
$ 4,135.00 (triple occupancy)

September 2023 departures
$ 4,195.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 5,390.00 (single occupancy)
$ 4,015.00 (triple occupancy)

Optional Tours and Services
$ 110.00 (Whale Watching from Reykjavik)
$ 100.00 (Blue Lagoon Comfort Admission from)
$ 60.00 (Amphibian Boat Tour on Glacier Lagoon)
$ 45.00 (Flybus Plus airport transfer - one way)
$ 75.00 (Flybus Plus airport transfer - return)

Children 6-11 years old travelling with 2 adults and sharing 1 DBL room: 25% discount (valid only per 1 child). Children 12 years and older pay full price as adults. It is not recommended that children 0-5 years old travel on scheduled tours.

* triple rooms / double rooms with extra bed are always upon request and Iceland Travel cannot guarantee that these rooms will be available.  Hotel rooms in Iceland are often smaller in size when compared to hotel rooms in countries such as the USA or Canada, and triple rooms will often be a double room with an extra bed with limited space in the room.


Jun 06, 2023 - Jun 15, 2023 
Jun 20, 2023 - Jun 29, 2023 sold
Jul 11, 2023 - Jul 20, 2023 
Jul 25, 2023 - Aug 03, 2023 sold
Aug 08, 2023 - Aug 17, 2023 
Sep 12, 2023 - Sep 21, 2023 
Sep 26, 2023 - Oct 05, 2023 


This tour stays in comfort hotels with private bathrooms, generally quality class hotels. Most of the groups stay at the following hotels.

Day 1 – Berjaya Hotel Reykjavik Natura
Day 2 – Hotel Ork
Day 3 – Hotel Vik
Day 4 – Hotel Hofn
Day 5 – Hotel Hallormsstadur
Day 6 – Fosshotel Myvatn or Icelandair Hotel Myvatn
Day 7 – Hofsstadir Country Hotel or Hotel Mikligarður
Day 8 – Fosshotel Reykholt or Hotel Hamar
Day 9 – Berjaya Hotel Reykjavik Natura



  • Guided Coach Tour from day 2 to day 8
  • Welcome meeting with guide at hotel on evening of day 1
  • Expert professional English-speaking local guide from day 2 to day 8
  • Free Wi-Fi on board motor coach
  • Accommodation 2 nights in a standard room with facilities in Reykjavik
  • Accommodation 7 nights in a standard room with facilities in the countryside
  • Icelandic breakfast (except arrival day)
  • 6 two-course local-cuisine dinners in the countryside (main course and dessert) or buffet dinners, including coffee/tea
  • Visit to Fridheimar Geothermal Greenhouse (day 2)
  • Visit to the excavated Stong Viking-age longhouse (day 3)
  • Microbrewery visit and beer tasting in Breiddalsvik (Day 5)
  • Entrance to the Herring Era Maritime Museum (Day 7)
  • Horse Show in Skagafjordur (Day 8)
  • Great photo stops
  • Seat rotation during the tour
  • Customer care service during office hours
  • 24-hour emergency line assistance while you are in Iceland

Highlights & Experience:

  • View first-hand many of the classic natural wonders, including the Golden Circle, the Glacier Lagoon, Reynisfjara Beach, Dettifoss waterfall, and Myvatn nature reserve
  • Enjoy a glimpse into Icelandic life with authentic local activities and delicious dinners
  • Spend a full day in the enchanting Snaefellsnes Peninsula, known for its incredible variety of landscapes
  • Discover and learn about Iceland from our hand-picked local guides, who are passionate and knowledgeable about Iceland

Optional Services:

You can book and pay for these tours in advance for your convenience and to ensure a spot for you on the tour. Let us know during the booking process.

Whale Watching from Reykjavik Harbor - Look for whales, dolphins and sea birds on a guided boat tour | Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours | Includes: Guided boat tour, warm overalls during tour

Blue Lagoon Comfort Experience Enjoy a relaxing visit to the Blue Lagoon | Duration: flexible | Includes: Bathing fee, towel rental, silica mud mask, first drink of your choice Not Included: Swimsuit rental

You must also book an unguided Blue Lagoon shuttle between Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon.

Amphibian Boat tour on the Glacier Lagoon - Sail among the drifting icebergs to see them from a different angle Duration: 30 mins | Includes: Guided tour on amphibian boat



Day 1  : Welcome to Iceland

Reykjavik Hallgrimskirkja Church - Tjornin Pond - The Sun Voyager - Perlan - The Blue Lagoon (optional)

Your tour of Iceland starts today! Arrive at Keflavik International Airport. The program does not include transfers to Reykjavik. When you make your reservation, please let us know if you want to book a shared or private transfer.

You can add a day excursion if you arrive earlier in the day. Visiting a local geothermal pool is one of our favorite things to do after a long trip. It is refreshing to lay back in the warm water and breathe in the fresh Icelandic air. In addition, it's a fantastic way to see daily life in Iceland and get to know a few people. It's also lovely to stroll through the historic city center, stopping to look at a museum or relaxing with a cup of coffee in a cozy café.

Please be aware that early check-in is only sometimes possible; hotels in Iceland generally open for check-in at 14:00 (2:00 pm). If you can't check in early, most hotels will be more than willing to hold your bags.

Overnight in Reykjavik

Options: Transfers
Day 2  : Thingvellir National Park – Geysir – Gullfoss (127 mi)

Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Spring, Gullfoss Waterfall, Hveragerdi

After breakfast, meet your guide in hotel lobby. After a quick tour of Reykjavik, head to Iceland's largest lake, Lake Thingvallavatn, and Thingvellir National Park. In the 10th century, the world's oldest still-running parliamentary government was set up at this UNESCO site. It is also where the tectonic plates of North America and Europe meet. You will be able to walk between two continents, which is a unique experience.

The next stop on your trip is Gullfoss, also known as the "Golden Waterfall." From different walking paths, you can get great photos of this beautiful double-tiered cascade. You'll also go to the nearby Geysir hot spring area to see the famous Geysir and Strokkur, as well as many other hot springs and boiling mud pools.

During the day, you'll get a look at how people live in Iceland. Visit an Icelandic family farm where geothermal energy is used to grow tomatoes in an organic way. Visit the greenhouse and try a sweet Icelandic tomato from the farm.

The day ends in Hveragerdi, a nice town in an area with a lot of hot springs. The people who live there have found clever ways to use underground hot springs to heat their homes and grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables in greenhouses.

Dinner and overnight at Hveragerdi area (breakfast, dinner)

Day 3  : Thjorsardalur Valley – Skogar – Dyrholaey – Vik (183 mi)

Thjorsardalur Valley Hekla Volcano Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Skogafoss Waterfall Reynisdrangar Cliffs Dyrholaey Promontory Vik i Myrdal

Breakfast in your hotel.  Explore the Thjorsardalur valley with its beautiful birch forests, sandy lava fields, rivers, waterfalls, and more. You will also see the impressive and beautiful Mt. Hekla volcano if the sky is clear. When you go to Stong, you can see a copy of a Viking-era longhouse buried by the Hekla volcano. The fourth season of "Game of Thrones" was filmed there.

Travel through the picturesque farmlands of Iceland's South Shore. Admire the beauty of Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Every waterfall is stunning in its own unique way. Keep going to the beaches with black sand and powerful waves in Dyrholaey and Reynisfjara. We will end the day in the southernmost town in Iceland, Vik.

Overnight in Vik area (breakfast, dinner)

*Please note that Dyrholaey is closed from mid-May to June 25 so that birds can nest there.

Day 4  : Vatnajokull National Park – Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon – Hofn (177 mi)

Hofn - Vatnajokull Glacier - Vatnajokull National Park - Svartifoss Waterfall - Skaftafell National Park - Hvannadalshnjukur Peak - Oraefajokull Glacier - Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

You will explore a world of glaciers today. First, you will visit the south side of Vatnajokull National Park, named for Europe's biggest glacier. Almost 14% of Iceland is covered by the park, making it the biggest national park in Western Europe. As you head east, you'll pass through huge sand plains made of glacial runoff. Next, visit the famous Skaftafell National Park area. Take in the lush green landscapes and black sands dominated by numerous glaciers. You'll also see Svinafellsjokull, one of Vatnajokull's most beautiful glacier "tongues," slowly moving downhill.

Visit Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon to see icebergs floating in a deep, 180-meter (591-foot) glacial lagoon. The sight will take your breath away. You can also take a boat tour among the icebergs (must be booked in advance). Nearby is the dramatic Diamond Beach, which gets its name from the melting icebergs that land on its black sands before drifting out to sea.

You will spend the night in Hofn, a fishing village near the Vatnajokull glacier. You have to pay for dinner. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes to choose from in Hofn. Langoustines are a local favorite (Norway lobsters).

Overnight in Hofn (breakfast)

Options: Amphibian Boat tour on Glacier Lagoon. Sail among drifting icebergs to see them from a different angle. Tour lasts 30 minutes and includes a guided tour on an amphibian boat. If you want to go on this tour, you MUST book and pay for it ahead of time. During the booking process, let us know if you want to go on this tour.
Day 5  : Hofn – East Fjords – Egilsstadir (162 mi)

Egilsstadir - Faskrudsfjordur - Reydarfjordur

Breakfast at the hotel. From Hofn, we drive through the Almannaskard Pass and stop to admire the beautiful coast. Then, continue to the magnificent East Fjords, with tall mountains that drop straight into the sea. We're sure you'll love the stunning views, so have your camera ready. You will also go through towns and villages, each with its own history and charm. One of these is a small town called Breiddalsvik, where we will visit the Beljandi Microbrewery and try some of the great beer made there. In 2017, people in the area worked together to turn a run-down warehouse into a quirky brewery. You'll meet a local and get a feel for what it's like to live in a small Icelandic town. You'll also get to see how good beer is made. Finally, the road leads to the town of Egilsstadir, near Iceland's biggest forest and a lake where a friendly monster from legend is said to live.

Overnight in Egilsstadir area (breakfast, dinner)

Day 6  : Lake Myvatn Area (158 mi)

Dimmuborgir - Lava Pillars - Dettifoss Waterfall - Hverfjall Crater - Myvatn Lake

Breakfast at your hotel. As we travel to Lake Myvatn, we drive through the Modrudalsoraefi plateau. It is a vast, empty, and hauntingly beautiful highland desert area. On our way, we pass by the historic Modrusalsoraefi at the highest altitude of any working farm in Iceland. Then, stop at Dettifoss, the biggest and strongest waterfall in Europe. We keep going until we reach the Namaskard Pass, with its boiling mud pools of beautiful colors. Being here feels like we're on another planet, or something out of a dream!

Walk along the fake craters at Skutustadir and look inside Grjotagja, a cave with hot springs below it. Check out the strange lava shapes at Dimmuborgir, resembling creatures from a fairy tale. It is believed that elves live here, so be kind when you visit.
You'll see why the strange area of Myvatn has become so famous as a place to film movies.

Overnight in the Myvatn area (breakfast, dinner)

Day 7  : Lake Myvatn Area – Akureyri – Siglufjordur – Skagafjordur (152 mi)

The Herring Era Museum - Siglufjordur - Trollaskagi Peninsula -Akureyri - Godafoss Waterfall - Saudarkrokur

Breakfast at your hotel. Start your day's adventure by visiting the beautiful Godafoss waterfall, one of the most important symbols of North Iceland.

After that, you'll see Akureyri, the "capital" of Iceland's north. The buildings in the town are pretty, and the view of the Eyjafjordur fjord is lovely. After some free time in Akureyri, you'll keep going along the coast roads of Eyjafjordur and the Troll Peninsula. You will be amazed by the steep mountains that give you great views of the Arctic Sea and its black-sand coast.

Stop in Siglufjordur, which has some of the most beautiful wooden buildings in the country. Then, visit the town's award-winning Herring-Era Maritime Museum. The museum recreated the atmosphere of the early 20th century when a large migration of herring turned Siglufjordur into a boom town that felt like the Wild West. In the museum, you will be taken back to that exciting past.

You'll spend the night in Skagafjordur, a beautiful area full of historic sites and folk tales. To get there, we'll have to travel through majestic mountains and narrow passes.

Overnight in Northwest Iceland (breakfast, dinner)

Day 8  : Skagafjordur – Borgarnes (208 mi)

Hraunfossar Waterfalls, Barnafoss Waterfall, Deildartunguhver Hot Spring, Skagafjordur Fjord

Breakfast at your hotel. Icelanders think the Skagafjordur area is one of the best places in the country to raise horses. Learn about the interesting Icelandic horse breed and its unique fifth gait, the tolt. Since the Vikings' time, this horse breed has stayed the same.

We continue to  West Iceland by crossing the Holtavorduheidi plateau. Drive through Borgarfjordur, an area that is becoming known around the world for its beautiful volcanic and wooded landscapes and its Viking history. You can see a beautiful view if you walk to the top of the Grabrok crater. Listen to the strong rushing water at Deildartunguhver, Europe's strongest hot spring area. Stop at the beautiful Hraunfossar waterfalls, where bright blue water rushes through black lava formations. Nearby is a place called Barnafoss, which has an even bluer waterfall. There is a story about this waterfall that is both interesting and sad.

Overnight in Borgarnes area (breakfast, dinner)

Day 9  : Borgarfjordur – Snaefellsjokull National Park – Reykjavik (252 mi)

Snaefellsjokull National Park - Arnarstapi - Djupalonssandur Beach -Dritvik Cove - Kirkjufell Mountain - Eldborg Crater

Breakfast at your hotel. Today, you will travel to Snaefellsjökull National Park to admire the fantastic variety of natural landscapes there. The most beautiful part of the park is the Snaefellsjokull glacier, which covers a volcano that hasn't erupted since 250 AD. Kirkjufell, one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland, will also be on tour.

Next, we walk along Djupalonssandur beach, a unique pebbled seashore. Finally, at the pretty harbor town of Arnarstapi, you can see beautiful stacked basalt rocks.One Icelandic saga says that a kind half-troll who lives high on the glacier protects Snaefellsnes and its people. So you might feel like this beautiful peninsula is full of magic and healing energy.

At the end of the afternoon, your trip takes you back to Reykjavik. At the hotel, say goodbye to your guide. Dinner is on your own tonight.

Overnight n Reykjavik (breakfast)

Day 10  : Departure

In the morning transfer to the airport on your own. We hope you've enjoyed your trip! Transfers are optional. (B)

We recommend you depart your hotel no later than three hours before your departure flight. 

Options: Transfers


  • A minimum of 3 participants is required to guarantee each departure
  • We reserve the right to alter routes without prior notice, due to road conditions
  • Please check the "Program Details" section in your travel documents to see your tour’s hotel list and how to meet your guide at the start of the tour
  • Please advise us at booking time if you have food allergies or dietary preferences
  • Little walking is required on this tour other than walking on mostly flat and paved or smooth paths
  • We do not recommend escorted tours for children 5 years old and younger. 
  • From Day 2 through Day 9, the average travel time between tour stops will be between 45 and 1 hour. Each night, you will arrive in the late afternoon at your lodging.