September 13, 2022

Review about Fabulous Scandinavia, Helsinki and Tallinn by Michael Mignardi

Rating: 5
We were very fortunate to have almost perfect weather throughout the entire tour. Only one day did we have rain (for only 1hr) and another day was cloudy. The remaining days were clear and sunny. Norway was by far the most beautiful country - the fjords were breathtaking. Stalheim was also an amazing place. Juan Dominguez was a fantastic tour guide and took us to many areas off the beaten path. He knew all of Scandinavia very well. Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo and Stockholm are all amazing cities - each with their own uniqueness and charm.
Michael Mignardi

Fabulous Scandinavia - It was an amazing tour and one I would highly recommend

14 day Scandinavia tour package thru Denmark, Norwegian Fjords, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn.