Both the name and the interior design of this modern expedition ship are inspired by the spectacular Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


The ship's art, décor and colours are all inspired by the Northern Lights. Working with her light and delicate interior, Norwegian artists have created a unique and distinct environment on board. Passengers are encouraged to relax in the ship’s elegant maritime atmosphere in a choice of lounges and comfortable reclining chairs after a day of experiencing the various excursions and activities.

Special features: 

  • Expedition team 
  • Extra lectures
  • Extra activities 
  • Extra excursions
  • Large panorama and observation lounges with great views
  • Bar
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Separate a la carte option restaurant
  • Café
  • Library

Ship Information

Year built 1994 Shipyard Volkswerft (D)
Passenger capacity 623 Beds 469
Car capacity 35    
Decks and cabins
Deck 2
ship's scheme 57
Deck 3
ship's scheme 58
Deck 4
ship's scheme 61
Deck 5
ship's scheme 60
Deck 6
ship's scheme 59
Deck 7
ship's scheme 62

Expedition Suites

Choose from our wide range of comfortable suites. They are graded Q, M, MG, and MX and have one or two rooms that include a seating area with TV, a kettle and a small tray with coffee/tea. They have a shower/wc and most have a double bed.



Arctic Superior

Our Arctic Superior cabins grades QJ, P and U all have private facilities and double beds, one of which can be turned into a sofa. All cabins are equipped with TV, a kettle and a small tray with coffee/tea.



Polar Inside

Our cozy Polar Inside cabins in category I mostly have separate beds, while some category I have upper and lower berths. Please note that cabins on deck 5 and 6 might have limited views due to passengers standing or walking on the deck outside the cabin window.



Polar Outside

Cabin grades O, N, L and J have separate beds, where one can be turned into a sofa. Cabin grade A have upper and lower berths. Grade L have portholes and grade J have limited/no view.