Review about 6-Day Classic Voyage South by Nancy Froseth

Dear Susie, Our cruise was wonderful--I could wheel my cousin in the wheelchair all over and down the cargo ramp to shop at all stops of an hour or more--the Norwegian shop owners were so accommodating (one moved sweater shelves so we could enter through the store room--no steps--)--some just came and helped us over the highest thresh-holds and steps--several times we hired a handicap van and my cousin was wheeled right up into it from the back and the drivers stayed with us for where ever we wanted to go sight see or shop and then delivered us to the ship!! We heard a great concert one night at midnight-- It was this cousins' (EM) first trip out of the country and she thought is was great!! (Heaven, in fact, as she said)--my sister and I have been to Norway many times --my husband and I have been there probably 50 or more times and extensively on 6 continents--I am telling you all this because when you get static from some of your clients, as you know, I am sure, it is probably from the less experienced traveler--there are many things to respect and accept when you travel--I just wanted you to know, it was one of our most fun trips and we always love the food--I would, however, take an extra day or more in Bergen--great there!! thanks for all you did for us but to be on the safe side, it would be good to send packets to each traveler --it did not matter to my sister or me but first timers, it does--thanks again--we ALL four had a fantastic time, much laughing and fun, a GREAT amount of food and last Sunday got together for all our pictures and lefse!! --Nancy Froseth
Nancy Froseth

Our cruise was wonderful--

6-Day Classic Hurtigruten Southbound Voyage along the Norway's scenic coast from Kirkenes to Bergen