Iceland Classic Circle Tour. Would have helped if you had told us that Iceland Travel calls this tour Iceland Complete; there was momentary confusion with the guide as to whether or not we were on her tour; fortunately, she had a list of names, including ours. Also should state that we were to meet the guide in the hotel lobby; the time 8:45 am was given, but not the place. The tour itself was great. You should include dinner on the last night in the tour price. We thought it was included but were told by our guide that it was not. You should also give us an estimate of how many Icelandic Kronur are likely to be needed to cover meals and incidentals; we did OK with a withdrawal of 70,000 upon arrival; if we hadn't bought any souvenirs, we probably could have managed with half that. Most places do take credit cards; some toilets cost 100-200 kronur cash; would help if you told people that.