December 11, 2016

Review about Northern Capitals by Northern Capitals Tours

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Marvellously planned northern capitals tour excellent overall planning fast and efficient email correspondence competent, friendly and patient tour guides great locations for hotels punctual transfers and pick-up services information before and while travelling totally matching sights were excellently picked time indications have always proven to be correct even if no voucher was given - the plan worked! absolutely worth the money THANK YOU for a perfectly planned Nothern Capitals Tour!
Northern Capitals Tours

Perfectly Planned Northern Capitals Tours

Travel Scandinavia and Russia to see the most beautiful cities and their capitals on our exciting Northern Capitals tour. Go on a motor coach city tour and enjoy a cruise in Stockholm, traveling from Stockholm to Riga. A private walking city tour in Riga will highlight the most beautiful parts of the city. On your way to Tallinn, sightseeing will entice you and your private walking tour around the city upon your arrival will introduce you to the greatest sights. Go on a ferry ride from Tallinn to Helsinki and head out on a motor coach city tour in Helsinki. Ride the exciting Sibelius train from Finland to St. Petersburg and explore the greatest landmarks of the area, from the Hermitage to Pushkin, (including St. Catherine Palace and the Amber Room), Petergoff, (Park, Palace, and Fountains), and St. Isaac Cathedral.