January 08, 2018

Review about Baltic Metropoles by Peter H Petersson

Rating: 4
Hi, Just a few words about our trip to the Baltic capitals. All places visited were well chosen and provided a good opportunity to get acquainted with these countries. Well chosen hotels and good guides. I liked quick pace which allowed for more activities. We expected to have a bit more time in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, where we arrived in the evening, had a walking city tour in the morning and then left right after lunch. It would have been nice to stay there longer. Otherwise, all was perfect. Fabulous locations with historical well-preserved buildings in all cities. We were stunned by a very special place - Hill of Crosses in Lithuania- never seen such thing before. All in all, a very good trip to be recommended to all who want to visit Baltics. Peter H Petersson
Peter H Petersson

A very good trip to be recommended to everyone

This seven day tour through the Baltics brings you to Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, and more! Tours include: St.Peter and Paul’s Church, Gediminas Castle, Cathedral Square with St. Stanislaw Cathedral and Bell tower, St. Ann and Bernardines’ Church, Amber gallery-museum, Uzupis, the Gates of Dawn, St. John’s Church, Trakai, the Hill of Crosses, Rundale, Rundale Palace, the City Canal Parks, the Bastion Hill, the Powder Tower, the Latvian National Theatre, the Fine Arts Museum, the Freedom Monument, University of Latvia, Latvian National Opera House and the Daugava River. We will also see the Dome Cathedral, the Church of St. Peter, the old Guild Houses, the Swedish Gate, St.Jacob’s Church, St. Mary Magdalene's Church, the Parliament House, Old Riga Castle, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, Town Hall Square, St. Catherine's Passage, and so much more!