January 02, 2018

Review about 7-Day Classic Voyage North by Sandy Nordvick

Rating: 5
We loved the Norwegian coast cruise very much - thank you! Our cabin was small, but there was enough storeroom. We could have booked a larger cabin but decided to go for this one as the cabin was needed for sleeping only. We had our own toilet and shower, and they changed the towels whenever we needed. The choices for breakfast and lunch were excellent - particularly if you like seafood. We only expected that the hot food had been a bit hotter - sometimes it was just warm. However, the views of the coastline were stunning and nothing could compete with the emotions we had gazing at all this beauty. All in all, we were very happy to have taken this trip and hope we will book something similar with you next year. Our special thanks to Dora for her hard work making this trip for us the unforgettable experience. Sandy Nordvick
Sandy Nordvick

We loved the Norwegian coast cruise very much - thank you!

Norwegian coastline cruise from Bergen towards the border town of Kirkenes with a side-trip into Geirangerfjord and stops at 34 ports. experience the wonders of the polar north.