February 05, 2018

Review about Ilulissat - 5 days by John& Aurora Crawford

Rating: 5
5 fantastic days in Ilulissat! We decided to go to Ilulissat in a small group and were not disappointed with this decision. This trip was something special which we will remember for a very long time. Our guide Gulla was the best possible guide. She was a friend for all 5 days and gave a lot of useful tips for our further trips to Iceland. The nature in Greenland is unbelievable! The Fjords, Icebergs, the mountains - all around us was like a movie setting. Thank you for a very smooth and impressive tour. John& Aurora Crawford
John& Aurora Crawford

5 fantastic days in Ilulissat!

Visit beautiful Greenland and amazing Ilulissat Icefjord listed on UNESCO Heritage List, explore town of Ilulissat and unique glacial beauty by boat and walking tours.