Sinettä Excursions

Sami Reindeer Farm & Sleigh Ride

Meet the traditional Sami farmers who will tell you about the reindeer, the Sami and teach you to throw Suopunki (Sami lasso). On sleighs for two people, pulled by your reindeer you will experience this traditional and peaceful way of moving through white landscape over the lake and through the forest where the only sound you will hear is the melody of reindeer bells. A typical three course lunch is included at the farm.
The journey continues south to Sinettä on the twisting roads through the snowy forest to arrive at the unique Arctic SnowHotel, where you will check-in to your private Glass Igloo. Enjoy the warmth of your Glass Igloo and weather permitting, you can marvel at the amazing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the millions of stars from your bed.
In the evening, you are invited for a traditional Lappish three course dinner in a magnificent wooden “Kota” where fresh salmon is slowly grilled over the fire on a huge fire pit in the center. Overnight in Sinettä


Snow Sauna & Outdoor Jacuzzi


Even the mostenthusiastic sauna bathers are deeply impressed by the snow sauna and its walls made of snow and ice. Only the sauna benches are made of wood! The sauna bathing experience is an astonishing combination of thick steam withinintimate snow walls. Then jump into the outdoor Jacuzzi and admire the Northern Lights or the spectacular starry night skies of Lapland.

Price: $ 55.00

Snow Suite With Sauna & Outdoor Jacuzzi


Each year the snow hotel is built with local artists designing and creating the ice and wall sculptures that decorate the hotel and Snow suites. Each Snow Suite is different each year and offers a unique artic experience to spend the night as the Sami once did in a snow igloo. A mattress on an ice bed with special artic sleeping bags keep you warm in the ambient temperature of 0 and-5 C.

Price: $ 120.00
I really enjoyed this Polish Dream Tour (May 31-June 16, 2019) for the inclusion of major cities (Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw & Krakow), as well as seeing the country from the north (Gdansk) to the south (Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains). The sites visited, and an absolutely first-class guide (Krzysztof Kisielnicki), gave a window into the complex history of Poland that I appreciated very much. I enjoyed the free time to explore on my own when our stay was 2-3 nights; our guide was a great source of suggestions. The bus tours in the cities were kept to a minimum - the walking tours with our guide and/or local guides were excellent and much preferred. I enjoyed all our hotel accommodations - locations were great and breakfasts very good; and the included dinners were delicious (it was especially nice that on most arrival days, group dinner was served). I appreciated the inclusion of music (Chopin concert in Warsaw; short organ concert in Oliwa; and folk music in Zakopane). I enjoyed our visit to the Lavender Field farm , giving us the chance to be in the country with enthusiastic hosts that are working to preserve elements of Poland's history. Skansen, raft ride, Malbork, Wolf's Lair, Wieliczka Salt Mines, horse carriage ride in Zakopane - the wide range of ways to experience aspects of Poland were well thought out on this tour. Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau is so important, and I was glad it was on the tour; unfortunately the sheer crowds flowing through the exhibits rather prevent one actually having time to just be there unhurried. What immediately followed, though was also important: a visit to Wadowice - the home town and church of Pope Paul John II, where we could sit in the beauty and peace of that church after seeing the horrors of Auschwitz. Hiking in the rugged Tatra mountains in Zakopane was superb. The rest stops on the longer bus rides were suitably spaced. I was repeatedly impressed throughout Poland seeing how determined the Polish people have been to restore a country damaged so badly in WW II to its heritage, and move forward. Suggestions: I would have loved to hear the organ at Sw. Lipka; I thought our time in Poznan was too short - would have preferred to stay overnight there rather than Torun; The vineyard /wine tasting visit was a little disappointing in that we didn't get to see the monastery and wine-making facilities - just a brief walk in the vineyard and wine-tasting.