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The Best of Greenland

8 days
7 nights






$ 3,240.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 3,475.00 (single occupancy)

Please note that flight supplement might apply depending on flight availability.


Daily during the following periods:
Jun 01 - Jun 30 Tue, Wed, Thu


Hotel "Arctic"


• Return flight Reykjavik-Ilulissat-Reykjavik, including airport taxes
• Hotel/airport transfer in Greenland
• 2 nights in 4-star Hotel Arctic, Ilulissat, in a standard (Puisi) room with shower/wc
• Daily breakfast, welcome & farewell dinner at Hotel Arctic, 1x lunch
• Welcome meeting with a local guide at the hotel
• 1-2 hours guided city walk Ilulissat
• 3 hours sunset cruise, sailing among icebergs, incl. refreshments
• 8 hours boat trip to Eqi glacier & hunters village of Rodebay, incl. lunch
• 3 hours hike to old Sermermiut settlement at the Icefiord, incl. refreshments
• All taxes and fees

Highlights & Experience:

  • View the incredible Ilulissat Ice Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Get closer to Equi Glacier on a scenic boat tour
  • Take a guided walking tour through Ilulissat and discover the Greenlandic culture
  • Learn about ancient Inuit life on a hike to a former settlement


Welcome to our 4-day itinerary for Saqqaq! The price stated is for one person in a shared tent* and includes everything you need for an unforgettable Arctic adventure. You'll enjoy comfortable accommodations, roundtrip transfers to and from the airport, all meals and snacks, a selection of wine, beer, drinks, and soft drinks, a private host to cater to your every need, and all exclusive tours.

Day 1  : Arrival in Greenland (Arrival to Ilulissat and Transfer to the Camp mi)

Our Guided City Walk offers a concise route to enriching knowledge and entertaining tales about Ilulissat and Greenland as a whole. The guide delves into the city's history, Greenlandic culture, and contemporary life situated 300 kilometers beyond the Arctic Circle. Throughout the journey, we make several stops, including visits to the fishermen at the harbor, encounters with the hunters at "brættet," and pass by the renowned polar explorer Knud Rasmussen's birthplace and the historic Zionchurch, an old wooden church.

Overnight in the hotel

Day 2  : Whale Safari and Sailing Among Icebergs

Whale Safari
It is an incredible experience to get up close to such majestic creatures like whales. During the summer, you will typically encounter the humpback whale, minke whale, and fin whale. Among these giants, the humpback whale stands out as an acrobat despite its massive size of up to 18 meters and 30 tons. It showcases remarkable agility, leaping out of the water and skillfully maneuvering its tail and flippers. Identifiable by its humped fin and distinctive white back when it dives, the humpback whale frequents the Disko Bay in pursuit of fish, squid, and krill, offering excellent viewing opportunities.

The whales swim the waters of Disko Bay throughout the summer, sometimes near Ilulissat, occasionally in the Icefjord, Ilimanaq, or further north at Arveprinsens Ejland. Through radio contact with Ilulissat's fishermen and tourist operators, we're almost always able to locate these magnificent creatures. 

Sailing Amont Icebergs
When you're in Ilulissat, a boat tour amidst the renowned icebergs is an absolute must. Each year, over 48 cubic kilometers of ice cascade into the fjord, forming colossal icebergs that can span over 100 meters on every side and tower more than 100 meters above the water's surface. These mammoth structures rest at the fjord's end, creating a remarkable opportunity to navigate through them.

Regardless of the weather, the icebergs exhibit stunning beauty. In sunlight, they sparkle in brilliant white hues; on cloudy days, their blue tones are most vivid, and during the midnight sun, they emit a unique, warm radiance.

These icebergs stand as Ilulissat's iconic feature, and cruising among them is an unparalleled nature experience that's not to be missed while exploring the area.

Dress warmly; the Icefjord remains chilly throughout both summer and winter. Enjoy complimentary coffee and tea served onboard during the tour.

Overnight at the hotel (B)

Day 3  : Inuit Settlement Tour and Helicopter Experience

Walk to the Sermermiut Settlement
The picturesque backdrop of beautiful icebergs sets the stage for the ancient settlement of Sermermiut, positioned one and a half kilometers south of Ilulissat. Various Inuit cultures have inhabited this settlement for over 4000 years; today, remnants still exist, bearing testament to their existence.

Guides narrate enthralling stories about the lives and traditions of the Inuit people before the arrival of Europeans. Visitors have the chance to witness the ruins of turf huts and even feel the permafrost firsthand, connecting with the ancient environment.

Recognizing its exceptional significance, UNESCO designated this area as a World Heritage site in 2004. Sermermiut draws in around 30,000 guests annually, leading to the construction of a wooden walkway to preserve and safeguard the site from wear. As a result, everyone can embark on this enlightening journey.

A visit to Sermermiut is essential when exploring Ilulissat. We assure you that nothing compares to the unique experience awaiting you here.

Dress appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions. Enjoy a warm beverage served during the tour for added comfort.

Helicopter - Kangia Classic
This tour offers a unique chance to venture deep into the heart of the UNESCO site. Positioned on the outer edge of the mountain, right in front of the colossal glacier, this spot is inaccessible by either hiking or sailing.

Kangia Sermeq holds the distinction of being the most productive glacier in not just Greenland. Still, the entire northern hemisphere generates a staggering 43 million tonnes of ice while advancing at a remarkable pace of 50 meters daily. Stretching seven kilometers wide and over a kilometer thick, this glacier presents an awe-inspiring spectacle of endless ice masses and immense natural forces.

Our journey begins from Ilulissat Airport aboard a helicopter, skimming as close to the landscape as safety regulations permit. As we soar over snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, and the Kangia Icefjord, we touch down on the mountain's edge within the protected UNESCO area.

Here, we have approximately half an hour to savor a glass of champagne and the breathtaking panorama. There might even be an opportunity to reach the Inland Ice for the swift. On the return flight, we trace our path over the glacier front and follow a 70-kilometer route through the Isfjord. Just before the town, the grandest icebergs perch on the submerged moraine edge, crafting a magnificent conclusion to our expedition.

Accessing this outer mountain edge, overlooking the immense glacier, is exclusive to the helicopter experience. Coupled with the incredible scenery, this trip becomes an absolute classic, blending the thrill of helicopter flight with unparalleled natural beauty.

Important note: We always utilize the helicopter provided by Air Greenland. During winter, the preferred choice is typically the EC 155 model.

Overnight at the hotel (B)

Day 4  : Transfer to the Glacier Lodge

Glacier Lodge Eqi stands proudly as the oldest lodge within Greenland's collection of distinctive lodges, and boasts a breathtaking view of the Eqi, the most frequent calving glacier in the northern hemisphere. Scientists estimate that during the summer, the glacier calves roughly once every 10 minutes on average. Hence, a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi virtually guarantees you'll witness this awe-inspiring event, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary. This experience will carry you away from the mundane, allowing you to disconnect and embrace mindfulness in the present moment.

Nestled amidst the expansive Greenlandic wilderness, the lodge is far removed from civilization, offering an escape from everyday life without compromising on essential comforts. You can still enjoy modern conveniences, including electricity for charging your camera, running hot water for a relaxing bath after a day of adventure, exquisitely furnished cabins that prioritize quality, and delectable cuisine - because indulging you is our joy.

Please note, reservations for Glacier Lodge Eqi are available only from mid-June to mid-September. Given our high demand and limited capacity, it's advisable to secure your stay well in advance.

Overnight at the Glacier Lodge (B)

Day 5  : Free Day by Eqi Glacier

Overnight at the lodge (B)

Day 6  : Kayak Experience

In the morning, transfer back to Ilulissat.

Kayak Experience
Embark on a timeless journey through Greenland's waters, just as the Inuit have for millennia - join us on a kayak adventure. Glide effortlessly on the serene waters, surrounded by colossal icebergs. Under the midnight sun, witness these icy giants aglow with a symphony of colors. On overcast days, their stunning blue hues take center stage. Perhaps, the tranquil atmosphere might be interrupted by the exhale of whales or the thunderous crash of calving icebergs. There's simply no better way to experience the Icefjord than by kayak.

Together, we'll paddle along the coast towards the fjord's opening, where towering icebergs, about 50 meters high, await their journey into Disko Bay. You'll spend a minimum of 2 hours on the water, guided by a seasoned professional ensuring everyone's safety. We provide drysuits and a comprehensive introduction, making this tour accessible to all, regardless of prior kayaking experience.

For safety and stability, all tours utilize double kayaks, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience. Please note that specific kayak requests, such as single kayaks, cannot be accommodated. In cases of uneven group sizes, guests may be paired in kayaks with others.

Important information: Height requirement: 150 cm Everyone can partake, even novices in kayaking. Participants with severe back or shoulder pains, unfortunately, cannot be accommodated. Please bring a hat for sun protection, sunglasses, sunscreen, and drinking water for a memorable excursion.

Overnight at the hotel (B)

Day 7  : Flight Ilulissat - Reykjavik


Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather, fog and ice conditions. Therefore the sequence of the day tours and excursions in Greenland is subject to change or if needed an alternative excursion will be operated if available. Delays and flight cancellations between Iceland and Greenland can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy travel insurance in the country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or cancelled due to weather. We recommend not to book any international flight directly after a trip from Greenland; ideally staying minimum two nights in Iceland after the Greenland trip to avoid the risk of missing an international flight.