August 29, 2014

Review about Wildlife Tour Adventure by Thomas Garrins

Rating: 4
Bobby, Thanks for doing such a good job organizing our trip to Iceland last month. The people of Iceland are so kind and we really enjoyed getting to know the culture and of course seeing all the animals native to this beautiful country. Bird watching and whale watching was a lot of fun. Our hotels were all really clean and nice, so no complaints there. The weather was hit or miss, but we expected that. Overall, a really nice trip! Thanks. If I ever plan to visit Iceland again, I'll let you know. Thomas Garrins
Thomas Garrins

Iceland Tour Review - Wildlife Adventure

Spend your Iceland vacation driving around the island and exploring its amazing wildlife. Visit the Icelandic farm animal zoo and botanical garden, go whale watching in Iceland, go bird watching, visit the seal museum, see Iceland's bird paradise.