September 15, 2014

Review about Sensational Borealis by Tim Linkahr

Rating: 5
Dora, I wish I had the right words to describe just how much we enjoyed our Baltic tour with your company. Want to give a big thank you to you for your hard work and assistance getting this tour in order for us. Your help with airfare and getting us all together in nearby seats was greatly appreciated, too. I put my trust in your hands and you wowed me! As for the tour, I think we all favored Latvia. I'm not sure why exactly, but Riga had such a nice charm to it. Being right on the water and exploring all of those old buildings and with the way the lights really lit up the city at night... Really beautiful. Our hotel was also really nice in Riga. Probably my personal favorite. Clean, spacious, nice breakfast in the morning. Thanks again for making our trip to the Baltics so successful! Tim Linkahr
Tim Linkahr

Baltic Adventure Tour

On this exciting Baltic Tour, Nordic Saga Tours brings you through three countries; Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to introduce you to some of the most interesting and beautiful history of Northern Europe. Many historical monuments, charming countryside and amazing Baltic coastline are yours to explore