October 18, 2019

Iceland - a Fairy Tale Among Lupine Fields

Iceland is an island that is impossible not to love, with roaring waterfalls, incredible geysers, volcanoes, and endless expanses of lupine fields. It is a land where nature reigns and determines the life and culture of people. The country is like an infinite fairy tale with fantastic landscapes and starry skies in winter illuminated by beautiful northern lights. Fairy tales are alive here not only because of the countries beautiful surroundings. The people here believe that the existence of elves is more than a fairy tale. When driving or walking through the Icelandic landscape, one can easily imagine trolls, elves, and other fairy tale beings sharing the world with us. See our tourist offer here.

Fairy nature

Iceland is a paradise for nature lovers.  The country has got a lot of incredibly beautiful landscapes and can boast of some of the rarest and unique natural wonders in the world.  

Land covered with moss, green grass, black beaches, incredibly beautiful waterfalls, blue glaciers, and green mountains. Everyone dreams of visiting Iceland, looking at centuries-old glaciers, swimming in the clear waters of Blue Lagoon on Keflavik Island, looking at the famous hot spring Geyser and admiring the funny and beautiful puffins. And of course, everyone has a great chance to see the Northern lights dancing in the dark Icelandic sky.

Photo by nextvoyage

Fascinating with its beauty - lupine fields in Iceland

The lupine fields of Iceland is a unique phenomenon. The lush fields of lupines are the perfect floral contrast to the dramatic and unforgiving landscapes of this rugged country. They are blooming almost wherever you drive around the country in summer, even along roads and lakes. These purple fields remind of beautiful lavender fields and decorate the landscapes throughout Iceland.

Some local people use lupine tea to maintain good health or to build up the immune system. If you want to try the lupine-tea, you might find it in an Icelandic health store.

Iceland is truly a fairy tale with its erupting volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, and colorful blooming fields. Traveling around Iceland, you can experience dazzling summer greenery and entirely white winter. Here you can experience stunning adventures and boundless peace in purple lupine fields. Iceland’s natural beauties will never disappoint you.

Photo by cloudlynx