May 23, 2018

Iceland Group Travel

Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts. Often it is called “The Land of Fire and Ice” as it is home to some of the most massive glaciers and fire spitting volcanoes. Iceland is also the land of sunshine and darkness. Summer days last near 24-hours, and in winter you can enjoy only a few hours of daylight but can be stunned by the fantastic Northen Lights dancing in the dark sky.

The geological activity in Iceland is responsible for some of the most dramatic features of Iceland's nature: the mountains, black lava fields, geothermal pools and geysers are the result of the interplay between volcanic activity and the natural elements.

Travelers to Iceland expect to witness as much as possible of these Icelandic wonders in a limited time. Iceland is a friendly country, and independent visitors can have a great time there. However, traveling with a group is considered a better travel deal in Iceland. 

Our expert travel planners have carefully selected the best tours to help you to create a great experience in Iceland. We will take you to the most attractive locations in Iceland, including natural wonders of the South Coast, Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes and all around Iceland under the guidance of experienced local guides responsible for your safety and unforgettable memories. 

Get the Most Out of Your Stay in Iceland With Nordic Saga Tours!

Our escorted groups are not large, 16-35 people from different countries and a knowledgeable local guide who is with you throughout the trip. Traveling in smaller groups allows you to experience Iceland more intimately. It opens more possibilities to access to more locations, hotels, restaurants, and activities than when traveling in a bigger group.

For example, our one of the most popular escorted tours Volcanoes and Glaciers explores the famous natural wonders of the South: the world's famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano, Skaftafell National park, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and the beautiful Westman islands. On this tour, you will explore icebergs, hot springs, lava fields and volcanoes as they are the primary focus of this escorted Iceland tour.

Iceland Group Travel - NORDICSAGA.COM

Iceland Complete Circle Tour is a one-week-long small group tour focusing on the ever-changing scenery of the Icelandic countryside: mountains and valleys, volcanoes and waterfalls, mystical glaciers, hot springs, and fjords. You will experience the very best of the Icelandic landscape, culture, and history in one week. You will meet local people and eat high-quality local food staying in the countryside hotels. This tour gives the perfect opportunity to discover the magic of Iceland's natural wonders and the magnificence of the landscapes that surround them.

Appeal specifically to your group’s interests, Nordic Saga Tours offers tailor-made itineraries for private groups. We take care to include not just the main attractions that Iceland is famous for, but also design a private tour to adjust to your pace and specific interests. We will do our utmost to make your dream a reality. Based on your interests and time of the year we offer popular routes and can customize any itinerary per your request.

Our best selling private tour Iceland Summer Extravaganza is designed to take you to the most prominent, well-known as well as secret natural landmarks. You are offered daily sightseeing tours as well as more exciting activities such as snowmobiling, ice-caving, helicopter tour, zodiac boat on Glacier Lagoon, inside the volcano and even a beer spa! The is our most comprehensive and all-inclusive Iceland private tour ever!

Iceland Group Travel - NORDICSAGA.COM

If you want to witness Iceland's wonders in winter, Amazing Northern Lights tour has it all: hunt for Northen Lights, Glacier hike, enjoying thermal waters of Blue Lagoon, lobster feast and fantastic landscapes with waterfalls and mountains. Experience all this with the help of your private highly professional driver guide.

For the first-hand experience of the extraordinary nature of Iceland, we offer Active Iceland Holidays group packages.

Iceland has fantastic hiking trails that take you closer to beautiful natural wonders. What an amazing experience it is! Small group tours allow you to make guided hikes on trails in both favorite and lesser-known nature spots and combines traditional sightseeing with refreshing short hikes that help you discover more of each area. Besides, you can enjoy family-run hotels and the conversations with locals over delicious meals – or can soak in natural hot pools!

Our Iceland group tours offer amazing diversity. Photographers can capture the Northern Lights or breathtaking lava beaches. Nature lovers can take small boat trips to meet big whales, or marvel at fantastic bird life. Hikers can explore the most stunning secret landscapes. And all of you will enjoy a worry-free and safe time in the most fantastic country under the guidance of the most experienced professionals.

Iceland Group Travel - NORDICSAGA.COM

Photo by Norbert von Niman