September 08, 2017

Iceland Pro Cruise Review

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Below is a short version of a survey conducted on board the ship in summer of 2017. We interviewed a total of 350 English speaking guests over 11 voyages. The majority of Iceland Procruises reviews are very positive, and the ship management will strive to make them even better in 2018.


Overall, 99% of travelers were very satisfied with the cleanliness of cabins, meals onboard, friendliness of staff and cleanliness of public areas. Also, the onboard entertainment was satisfactory to most guests, but we realize that it leaves room for improvement. The internet access onboard was satisfactory during the Iceland Circumnavigations. Unfortunately, free wi-fi is not available in Greenland which left most of our customers unhappy. We are trying to find a solution to this problem.

Overall satisfaction with expedition team and lecturers

The majority of travelers were very satisfied with the lectures provided by the expedition staff and their friendliness. The organization of excursions was highly ranked by most. The expertise of the lecturers and the quality of the presentations were also rated highly.

Overall satisfaction with the shore excursions

Our guests were very pleased with the quality of the included zodiac excursions as well as the optional shore excursions. The expertise of the local guides were also rated very highly. The priceperformance-ratio of the shore excursions was rated as satisfactory. The prices of the shore excursions are in large part due to the high price level in Iceland as well as the demand of our local service providers.

Overall satisfaction with the journey

When asked, "Overall, how satisfied were you with your journey?” almost 70% of our guests stated that they were "completely satisfied".