July 19, 2017

The Best Time To Visit Iceland for Northern Lights

Greetings from Iceland! We have just opened sales for a new 2017-2018 season of Iceland Northern Lights Tours. We receive more and more requests for northern lights tours during the summer (May-August) which is a time of the year with up to 24 hours of day light, and therefore Aurora Borealis cannot be seen.

The typical northern lights season in Iceland is mid-September to mid-April when we have long and dark nights. We've been measuring Aurora Lights viewing success rates during our tours for the past winters. We found out that on the average you get 2-3 chances per week to see the northern lights.

What's included in our tour

Our seasonal Northern Lights tours include many services that increase your chances to see Aurora Borealis during our guaranteed departures. We spend as many nights as possible in the countryside where there is no pollution. Our tour guides work every day until midnight helping the guests to find the Northern Lights. All hotels offer a wake-up service that alerts guests if the Northern Lights appear after midnight. We offer warm midnight refreshments, ice grippers for shoes and torches for comfortable and safe Aurora Borealis search in the dark.

All fixed departure tours include educational seminars about the northern lights, and all tours include landscape sightseeing combined with soft adventure and memorable cultural experiences, while the evenings are dedicated to the search of the Northern Lights. We feel that this is the best concept combining maximized chances to see the northern lights and sightseeing activities.

These are some of the most popular winter tours and and the probability of seeing the lights:



LAND OF NORTHERN LIGHTS - 5 days - 44-74 %