April 23, 2018

Norway Winter Tours

Being in the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia, Norway has a pleasant climate compared to these places. Because of the Gulf Stream and warm air currents, Norway has a friendlier climate than the latitude would indicate. If you want to experience some freezing temperatures, you’re best off heading up into the mountains. 

In winter, Norway is usually transformed into a snowy paradise. Norwegians are fond of different exciting activities in the snowy landscape. People ski and sledge everywhere. 

Summer is usually crowded with visitors, but winter is when Norway is at its best. However, it can also be a bit of a tricky season for independent travel if you’re not properly prepared. 

Visit Norway in Winter

February is the best time for true winter experiences, but if you want milder weather with still lots of snow, then March or even April can be a good bet.

Winter nights in Norway are long and dark from the middle of November until the end of January, and the sun does not rise at all in parts of Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. However, the darkness can also add to your winter experience in Norway. You can marvel the amazing stars at night in the Norwegian countryside, and have more chances of seeing the Northern Lights! The darkness is the best stage for Aurora Borealis, the phenomenon which is the highlight of Norway winter and the main attraction for visitors. Experiencing the unbelievable colours flashing across the Arctic sky is a dream of many travellers. Very few places on earth offer to witness this breathtaking dance of the light above beautiful landscapes.

Exploring Norway's coastline with Hurtigruten cruise line in winter is a great chance to see a most spectacular Northern Lights display that occasionally lights up the sky. 

Nordic Saga Tours with its Norwegian partners has prepared a number of well tested and appreciated by visitors tours which can best reveal the wonders of this beautiful country and its natural winter phenomena. You'll be safe in the hands of the local professional guides who will make sure you are properly dressed and equipped for the unforgettable winter adventures.

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Norway Winter Vacation

Classic Norway Northern Lights Cruise is often called the world's most beautiful voyage. The Hurtigruten Route takes you through almost 1,500 miles of the most spectacular scenery, unveiling all the beauty of the Norwegian coast.

One of the most popular Norway winter tours is The Highlights of Tromso and Northern Lights Tour. It offers dog and reindeer sledging and snowmobile safari including traditional sami meals and is the most comprehensive Norway winter experience you could ever think of.

Arctic Wilderness Tour - Husky and Snowmobile Adventure is for those who are looking for true once in a lifetime winter adventure. You will visit Tromso and experience the Arctic wilderness on this 4-day trip, admire Arctic Northern Lights and witness the unspoiled arctic nature while snowmobiling and dogsledding. 

Norwegian Winter Adventure tour allows the visitors to experience authentic Norwegian winter lifestyle. Going on King Crab Safari by Snowmobile, Hunting for the Northern Lights on Dog Sledges, visiting Snow Hotel ( and spending a night there if you wish) are amazing true Norwegian experiences in the surroundings of the breathtaking nature!

Norway Winter Travel

With a variety of tours to offer, experienced and customer oriented Nordic Saga Tours staff will make sure your Norway winter adventure will be safe , pleasant and worth remembering.

Photo by Simon Migaj