October 07, 2018

Review about Best of South Iceland Tour by Anne Peterson

Rating: 5
Thank you for a wonderful 6 day tour or Iceland, we had an amazing time! After seeing that our tour could be up to 20 people I was delighted to see that we had only 7 of us on the tour making it very nice to get to know each person on the tour. Our first nights at Hotel Cabin were good, the room was very small but clean, quiet and enough for our couple days stay. The day staff at the hotel were wonderful, very helpful and always ready to answer questions. The evening staff(2 gentlemen) were not so helpful, one who was there at check in the first day was speaking to a customer and after she asked him a question he answered it abruptly and threw his pen on the counter, this was not good customer service as it was seen by my family, others at the front desk and even one of the other front desk staff. Otherwise all of the other staff at Hotel Cabin were wonderful. On Monday we met Anna Lara our guide, let me just say she was amazing! Her knowledge of Iceland, its history, her personal stories driving skills and welcoming and warm personality made the 6 days very interesting and thought provoking. Knowing that she was born and raised in Iceland she shows the love of her country, her joy to show people its beauty and awe, and how she wants to see it thrive. From the minute we started the tour she made sure we saw all of our destinations and even kept us safe when the environment became to dangerous. She really is an amazing guide! Next, our hotel in Hella was great, very spacious and well maintained. The staff and the breakfast were good. Unfortunately on this part of the trip we were not able to see one of the sights in Landmannaluauger because of too much snow on the mountain but finding out after wards that Anna Lara's judgment call to go no further was correct since even 4 wheel huge trucks were being towed out of the mountain we felt she had out best interest at heart. She definitely made up for any missing destinations with other stops. She definitely challenged all of us on the tour to push past our comfort zones(in a good way) seeing as we had a 85 year old Australian lady on our tour and she was amazing as well! She kept up with us and even passed us in walking many times, climbed the mountains with us(Anna Lara at her side) and kept us on our toes! Personally, I never thought I could have hiked the mountain I did and hiked the glacier I did but Anna Lara really empowered us to rise to the occasion. Finally our last 2 days in Vatnajokull National Park at Hotel Skaftafell were great as well. The hotel is clean, comfortable and has amazing views. Again, Anna Lara provided us with a lot of amazing history, family stories and information regarding how the landscape of the National Park is changing for both the good and the bad. Sadly because of ridiculously high winds were not able to do the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon ride but we were still able to see the Diamond Beach and floating glaciers. Many thanks to her boss for giving us a free meal for that evening as compensation for our missed trip, well done! Finally, we did get to see the Northern Lights! They were not real bright but still amazing! My family thoroughly enjoyed our trip, all of the destinations and activities. I would definitely highly recommend this tour to any of my family and friends. I feel that we learned so much about Iceland and its history, people and amazing nature. We have so many amazing pictures of our trip and hopefully we will be able to return one day. Please thank all involved in putting this tour together and hope that we can do it again. Thank you so much Dmytro for being our point of contact. Hope to travel to Ukraine and Iceland again soon. Best, Anne Peterson & Family
Anne Peterson

South Iceland Tour September 2018

Best of South Iceland tour is a great getaway opportunity exploring famous natural wonders of Iceland in a small group.