September 29, 2014

Review about Discover Scandinavia with Stockholm and Helsinki by Hannah McCarthy

Rating: 5
Dear Dora, Thank you for your help with this Scandinavia trip! It was so exciting visiting four countries in just two weeks. We definitely benefited by booking through your tour company, since there would have been no way we could have seen that much on our own. Sometimes when you're unfamiliar with a foreign place, it isn't too difficult to plan your days just by doing internet research, but putting our trust in your hands and letting your company do the leg work was a sigh of relief for us. Leave it up to the professionals! You are good at what you do, and your passion truly shows. We enjoyed every part of the tour, especially the new food in each new place, and seeing the way the locals live. The people seemed the most friendly in Norway, maybe because they're used to all of the tourism with the gorgeous fjords... I still can't get over seeing those up close! Our hotels were nice, always in great locations and we felt well taken care of each night. Transportation was timely and comfortable, guides were knowledgable. Overall, this tour of Scandinavia was a job well done on your part. Cheers, Hannah McCarthy
Hannah McCarthy

Discover Scandinavia with Stockholm and Helsinki Review

Discover Scandinavia and Scandinavian Capitals. Spend just over two weeks exploring this amazing part of the world. Breathtaking sights like the towering mountains and fjords in these countries will leave you in awe!