December 19, 2017

Review about Icebergs in the Midnight Sun by P. Holmer

Rating: 5
My impressions of the tour are only positive. The guides were friendly and informative. All other service was efficient. Before this trip Nordic Saga Tours agents were extremely helpful both via email and over the phone and I was very confident in every detail. During the tour each and every activity was well-organized, interesting, and tremendously enjoyable. Greenland's wildlife was stunning as well as all Arctic life. It was very interesting to learn something about Inuit culture. Great photo opportunities, if you want to bring home a piece of these remarkable countries. I still see gigantic icebergs in my dreams. They made a stunning imprint in my memory as well as the Eqip glacier. Best regards, P. Holmer, USA - P. Holmer, USA -
P. Holmer
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