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Iceland Summer Private Tour

10 days
9 nights





$12,000.00 (per person)


Daily during the following periods:
May 01 - Sep 30 


Hotel Borg 4*
Hotel Ranga 4*
Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon 4*
Fosshotel Myvatn 3*
Hotel Siglo 4*
Hotel Silica 4*

These are carefully selected best hotels in the area.  Iceland does not have 5* hotels at this time. The first 5* hotel is scheduled to open in 2019.


Hotel accomodations
Daily breakfast
Private local guide-driver
Transportation by 4 x 4
Activities as described per program

Highlights & Experience:


Ice Cave Museum at Lake Perlan
Snowmobiling and Into the Cave
Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure
Icelandic Horse Farm
Helicopter Sightseeing 
Hiking in Þórsmörk Valley
Zodiac Boat on Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon
Beer Spa at Dalvik
Inside the Volcano



Day 1  : Arrival in Reykjavik

Your private guide will meet you at the international airport in Keflavik and take you on a driving tour around Reykjavik and its vicinity.  You will see the old town center, the Parliament, the harbor, the Cathedral, Hofdi house and a new impressive Harpa concert Hall. We will also visit Hallgrímskirkja church which is one of the main Reykjavík's landmarks. You will stop for lunch at the Perlan center offering breathtaking views from the 4th floor terrace and from the restaurant on the 5th floor. In the Perlan center you will visit the glacier and ice cave museum where you will travel through a real human-made ice cave right in the city center. You will learn about the glacier, its dangers, secrets and how the disappearance of our glaciers will cause enormous changes not only in Iceland but also around the world. In the afternoon you will check into your centrally located hotel Canopy or similar. Overnight in Reykjavik.

Day 2  : Snowmobiling and Ice Caves at Langjökull Glacier

Today we will drive up to Europe‘s second largest - Langjökull Glacier, Iceland’s second largest glacier, located in the Icelandic highlands. On a clear day you will enjoy incredible views of Eiríksjökull Glacier (the highest mountain in west Iceland), Hofsjökull Glacier and also the Kerlingafjöll mountains.On the way to the glacier, we will stop by magnificent waterfalls - Hraunfossar (Lava Falls) and Barnafoss (Children’s Falls).

At the Glacier, your certified glacier guide will provide overalls, helmet and all the gear you need, give you a safety briefing and a few straightforward snowmobile driving instructions. You are then ready to ride – driving a snowmobile is easy but feel free to ask any questions before you roar off. Your stunning 1 hour snowmobile ride will take you across Langjökull Glacier, rising to 1450 m above sea level. Feel your excitement and adrenaline soar! Your snowmobile tour on Langjökull will feel like a magic carpet chase across the roof of majestic white land. Langjökull is known as ‘The White Glacier’, glaciers are predominately white but Langjökull is just so incredibly white. Make the most of the journey but feel your spine tingle in anticipation as you approach the natural ice cave – you will not be disappointed.

Before winter comes glacier guides begin their exciting search for the new Langjökull Ice Cave. All ice caves are really special but some are more special than others! This year our Langjökull Ice Cave is a totally spellbinding stunner – we can absolutely promise you that this is the best ice cave yet, with the most amazing bright jewel blue ice imaginable. The ice-ceiling above you resembles a brilliant blue river, the ice is so exceptionally translucent, it seems as though you are surrounded by pure blue-hued quartz crystal jewels. The ice around this ‘blue river´ is white, bearing very unusual subtle gray ‘zebra striping’, formed from the ash layers of various volcanic eruptions. You get about 15 minutes to explore and photograph the cave and to enjoy the rare and precious crystalline blue beauty of this amazing natural ice cavern. Outside, your trusty snowmobile is waiting, ready to skim you across Langjökull to our Snowmobile Base Camp. The Glacier Snowmobiling and Ice cave tour from Gullfoss is a really great way to experience all that Icelandic glaciers can offer.

We start driving back around 6pm, possibly spotting some seals as we drive along the Hvalfjord. In the evening we return to the hotel in Reykjavik.

Day 3  : Golden Circle - Thingvellir National park - Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure - Geyser hot spring - Gullfoss waterfall - Horsefarm

Our destination today is Thingvellir National Park, a historical site and a natural wonder on an international scale, protected by UNESCO. Originally established as the place where Alþingi (the parliament) was founded in 930 this place had served a grand role in Icelandic history since the settlers came. You can find ruins of old stone shelters, the lakes and the Lögberg e. Law Rock. The park sits on a rift valley caused by the separation of two continental plates, with rocky cliffs and fissures like the huge Almannagjá fault. In this separation sits the amazing Silfra fissure,  one of the world’s most desirable snorkeling spots. Located in the heart of Thingvellir National Park, this narrow channel of blue water meandering through a giant lava field does not look like much on the surface. But below, supernatural shades of blue, perfect visibility and incredible rock formations make up a magical sub-aquatic paradise.

Enjoy an amazing snorkeling experience as you drift peacefully in the comfort of a warm drysuit accompanied by our highly skilled guides. Silfra, frequently rated as one of the world’s top ten dive sites, is located between the tectonic plates of Europe and America so you will be snorkeling in between them. This is an experience like no other and Silfra is the only place in the world where this can be done.

Take your Icelandic geology exploration to another level as you explore the crystal clear glacial water that runs from Langjökull glacier about 50 km away, water that has been filtering through lava for 100-200 years. Touch the moving lava rocks and get a feel for the power and uniqueness of Icelandic nature in complete calm. The visibility at Silfra is without comparison reaching somewhere around 150 meters. Some have described the feeling of snorkeling in Silfra like flying and others experience an ultimate state of meditation. Snorkeling in Silfra fissure is often called the liquid mediation and you will understand why when you try it! Silfra is truly a mesmerizing site and Into the Blue offers a relaxing but exotic trip in a highly unique and captivating environment. Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or a beginner this dive is an absolutely mesmerizing experience! Highly experienced and qualified diving guides will ensure that you are provided with all of the proper equipment and information you need.

In the afternoon we will explore the geothermal pools around Geyser and see Strokkur erupting every few minutes. It is one of the phenomenal experiences to witness. Our next stop is at the famous Gullfoss waterfall with milky green colored water from the glacier Langjokull, the second biggest glacier in Europe.

Now we head to a horse farm. The local farmers will show you how they train the Icelandic horses and offer you a private horseback ride. The Icelandic horses are "five-gaited" breed, known for the sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain. Besides the typical gaits, this breed is noted for its ability to perform two additional gaits - the tolt and pace, which is called the flying pace, often seen in pacing races. It is fast and some horses able to reach up to 30 miles per hour. Dinner and overnight at hotel Ranga.

Day 4  : Helicopter Sightseeing - Hiking in Þórsmörk Valley

In the morning - see Iceland from a bird's eye view and get a real taste of the exquisite landscape and the vastness of the interior. Helicopter sightseeing flight includes a close-up view of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier and volcano and the magnificent Icelandic highlands with glaciers, volcanoes and geothermal areas.

Then we head out tp  Þórsmörk valley - one of Iceland’s most beautiful areas, declared a nature reserve in 1929. It lays in a protected valley closed in by three glaciers making vegetation thrive and the climate different from most other places in Iceland. The recent volcanic activity nearby (from Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörðuháls eruptions) covered this beautiful valley completely in ash and in some parts of the area you can still find layers of it. After a beautiful hike in Þórsmörk valley you will easily understand why this is one of the most popular destinations amongst travellers in Iceland! We will return for dinner and overnight at hotel Ranga.

Day 5  : South Shore - Waterfalls and Black Sandy Beaches - Zodiac Boat on Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon.

Today we will start our trip to the south shore with its black sand beaches and rugged landscape. We will stop by amazing waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss,  some of which you can walk behind, black sandy beaches, picturesque mountains, high and steep cliffs, glaciers and various lava formations can be seen along the way, as well as numerous farms, agricultural livestock, and birds. You will see the surrounding of Eyjafjallajokull that erupted in 2010 and closed down all air traffic over the Atlantic Ocean.

Next, we'll drive to Reynisfjara and watch the roaring ocean playing on the volcano beach. We drive through Vík í Mýrdal and then off to the ice lagoon, Jokulsárlón. The glacial lagoon is one of Iceland greatest highlights. It is at sea level, and the sea flows into the lagoon at high tide. Blocks of ice sometimes break off the Breidamerkur glacier and float on the lagoon as icebergs. The lagoon is not wide, however deep - up to 248 meters.The glacial lagoon Jokulsarlon is also famous for being a location for the James Bond movie, Die Another Day. Enjoy a special Zodiac sailing on the Glacier Lagoon.  On the Zodiac we are able to cover large areas of the lagoon and get closer to the icebergs than on the amphibian. When possible the Zodiac goes almost all the way up to the glacier (as close as safe). Overnight at Fosshotel Glacial Lagoon.

Day 6  : Eastfjords - Hofn - Egilsstadir

Today we continue our journey in to the east fjords. We reach the little fishing town of Höfn. It’ s THE place to try Icelandic lobster. This is a very beautiful and remote part of Iceland. The mountains, the ocean and the long fjords. We drive through valleys all the way up to the small town of Egilsstadir where we stop for refreshment and then head further north all the way to the beautiful Mývatn area. This day is full of pure Icelandic scenery. A long drive with lots of stops but if you are interested in seeing what Iceland is really made of it is well wort it. Overnight at Fosshotel Myvatn

Day 7  : Lake Myvatn - Godafoss Waterfall - Whale Watching - Beer Spa - Siglufjord

We tour the Lake Mývatn area, considered as one of the most fertile regions in the world so close to the Arctic Circle and also known for its abundant bird life and amazing volcanic lava landscapes. The lake's unique features are shaped by nature - strange lava formations, any kind of volcanic craters, attractive bays filled with thousands of birds and ducks. The heavy volcanic activity in the region surrounding Lake Myvatn over the last few thousand years accounts for extraordinary and sometimes eerily beautiful land formations and geology. Dimmuborgir, on the east side of the lake, are a badlands of lava pillars, caves, rugged crags and towering rocks, some of which reach 20 meters (65 ft) in height, forming almost unearthly and alien castles and towers. We stroll through the mysterious lava field of Dimmuborgir, look at pseudo craters and see the tephra cone Hverfjall. Our next stop is Goðafoss Falls that could be translated as The Waterfall of The Gods. An impressive site any time of year it’s a particularly otherworldly place to visit.

In the afternoon we go to Husavik nestled on the edge of Skjálfandi Bay. Husavik is globally recognised as one of the best locations in the world from which to watch whales.  In fact, there is a higher chance of seeing whales in Húsavík than any other place in Iceland.
The reason for such a high percentage of whales in this area is the thriving ecosystem in the bay. Melting snow and rivers bring nutrients from mineral-rich locations which, when combined with the boundless summer sun, leads to teeming masses of plankton, the main source of food for baleen whales.

Our last stop today is a unique experience at Dalvik beer baths. Beer bath, where you bathe in both young beer and live beer yeast, without showering it off until some hours later, has an extremely powerful effect on the body and skin. This treatment is both cleansing for the skin and has a very positive effect on health. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Siglo.

Day 8  : Siglufjord - Icelandic Highlands - Reykjavik

Now you are in for a very unique experience. You will be driving the scenic road from Siglufjord towards and into the Icelandic highlands. You will in fact be driving into Iceland´s center and wilderness by a mountain road, only open during the summer. It takes you from North to South by crossing the middle of Iceland. You will experience the true wasteland and see the reason why Iceland is only inhabited around the coast line. It is totally safe and well worth a whole day´s driving. You will pack lunch before you start the tour and Kári your driver will stop somewhere on the way where you can enjoy the beautiful true nature of Iceland. The highland road ends at Gullfoss waterfall in the South and from there you take a now familiar road to Reykjavík. Overnight at Reykjavík Marina Residence. 

Day 9  : Inside the Volcano

On that day we go ink for a grand finale ! This unique volcano tour takes you literally inside a dormant volcano, through the top crater and to the bottom of its magma chamber, once filled with steaming hot lava. The dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano is the only place on earth where a huge volcanic magma chamber is accessible to humans. Thrihnukagigur volcano last erupted over 4000 years ago. It’s located approximately 30km (20miles) from Reykjavik. Participants will descend 120m (400ft) through the top crater and down to the ground floor of the magma chamber, accompanied by experienced and specially trained guides. An open elevator system is used in the operation, transporting participants up and down the chamber in a cable lift. Want to brag to your friends about your unique experience in Iceland – well this is your chance… In the evening we visit the blue lagoon and have diner at the excellent lava restaurant. Overnight at the Silica Hotel

Day 10  : Departure

Today we say goodbye and look forward to seeing you again!