September 12, 2014

Review about Baltics & Kaliningrad Tour by Jessie Gunther

Rating: 5
Hey Alex, Writing to you from my office in Arizona, just two weeks after returning from our amazing Baltic tour. I'm still floating in the clouds daydreaming about the time we spent there. Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are all gorgeous countries (even their names are beautiful!) and I was in heaven the entire time. The food was to die for in Riga and Vilnius! I think the friendliest people (or at least tourist friendly people) live in Lithuania. There was a calm feeling I felt, almost a feeling of being at home while we were there. The weather in Tallinn was crummy; it rained almost the entire time, so maybe that's why I don't have such fond memories of it like I do for Vilnius. Oh well, we still had a good time! The Novotel was probably my favorite hotel. Great location, great breakfast, spacious rooms. The service was also top quality. Thanks again, we had a really fun time on this tour and can't wait to visit the Baltic countries again someday! Jessie Gunther
Jessie Gunther

Baltic Tour Review

The tours takes you through the countryside and urban centers of four countries: the three independent Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – and Kaliningrad, formerly known as Konigsberg, now a Russian city with a German past. Through centuries this region was tightly connected ethnically and by the Hanseatic traders. The Baltic capital cities with the UNESCO-listed Old Towns will admire you with well-preserved history and modern way of life. Travelling through the coastal town Klaipeda and the UNESCO-listed Curonian Spit you will be stunned by the wonders of sand and pine forests.