September 30, 2014

Review about Grand Scandinavia by Josie Jensen

Rating: 4
Hi Dora! Thanks for your help while we planned this trip to Scandinavia. We had a blast together and it was the perfect escape for our hectic lives back home! Two weeks surrounded by gorgeous fjords and Scandinavian culture couldn't have been better. We loved our small group, and our guide was a treat as well. Other than my battle with a dreadful head cold the first couple of days, our trip went over extremely well and I have no complaints about your services or your company at all. It was very professional throughout and so organized. Not having to worry about accommodations or timing or tickets or any of that stressful stuff really made our vacation enjoyable. I would gladly recommend Nordic Saga Tours to anyone hoping to plan a trip to Scandinavia! Sincerely, Josie Jensen
Josie Jensen

Tour of Scandinavia Review

Grand Scandinavia is one of the most exciting trips that Nordic Saga Tours offers. We will bring you through Scandinavia in the most thrilling ways. From overnight cruises to tours through famous places like the Tivoli Gardens and beyond, your Scandinavian tour will be a favorite memory for years to come. Ride the Bergen Funicular to Mt. Fløien and experience the Flåm Railway and travel to Myrdal in style. See the Sogn and Nærøy Fjords, as well as the Geiranger Fjord. See sights unlike anything you've ever experienced before! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful parts of the world!