February 01, 2023

Review about Around Iceland Express by Kurt Knochel

Rating: 4
food and lodging were fine. Landhotel exceeded expectations. Only issue with guide is that she sometimes forged ahead and slower people were left behind. Otherwise outstanding knowledge base and teaching skills. Prioritized our safety during weather problems. Great driver. Biggest disappointment was unrealistic expectations for Northern Lights. I think that is pervasive in the industry. We should know ahead of time that the streaming colorful ribbons seen in photos are not that common and that "success" is defined as seeing what looks like a faint gray cloud bank. Geology is magnificent.
Kurt Knochel

would recommend

Iceland Northern Lights tour with luxury accommodations and small group will insure that you travel in style and comfort , to complete it we will do our best to ensure that you will catch a glimpse of the ever elusive Northern Lights.