Dear Dora, Pam and I have returned from our Iceland tour and we just wanted to say thanks for making it possible. The tour was great, the guides were great, and the people in our group were great! I was able to see the parts of the country that really sparked my interest and I walked away with a new outlook on life. I really admire the way the people of Iceland live their day to day lives and really make use of everything they can in the smartest ways possible. Visiting the farms was awesome and seeing Icelandic horses was a real treat for me. We got to taste fresh ice cream (yum!) and eat traditional Icelandic food every day. I can't wait to go back! I'm already looking at your other tours of Iceland and might try to work something in next summer... I'd love to visit the Blue Lagoon next time! :) - Lacey Richard and Pam Chell - Lacey Richard and Pam Chell -