September 30, 2014

Review about Grand Scandinavia by Margaret and William Tenant

Rating: 4
Dear Bobby, William and I absolutely adored our two week tour of Scandinavia. There were so many highlights and exciting events that took place while we were abroad. I've always wanted to see the fjords in Norway up close, so that was a dream come true for me. William enjoyed learning about the history of each country and really got along well with our guide, Jon. He was so patient with the group and always knew the answer to our many questions and curiosities of each region. The Scandinavian smörgåsbords were always top notch, and overall the food was just marvelous. William's favorite place was Sweden, and mine was definitely Norway just for the fjords. Only unfortunate mishap was the weather in Oslo, but there's not much you can do! Mother Nature does as she pleases. Thanks again for your hard work planning this Scandinavian tour; we appreciate your efforts! - Margaret and William Tenant
Margaret and William Tenant

Grand Scandinavia

Grand Scandinavia is one of the most exciting trips that Nordic Saga Tours offers. We will bring you through Scandinavia in the most thrilling ways. From overnight cruises to tours through famous places like the Tivoli Gardens and beyond, your Scandinavian tour will be a favorite memory for years to come. Ride the Bergen Funicular to Mt. Fløien and experience the Flåm Railway and travel to Myrdal in style. See the Sogn and Nærøy Fjords, as well as the Geiranger Fjord. See sights unlike anything you've ever experienced before! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful parts of the world!