September 10, 2014

Review about Splendor of the Baltics with Nida Resort by Melvin Dunster

Rating: 5
Bobby, Had a great time exploring on this Baltic tour. I've been to Riga before, but seeing the city up close and learning about its history definitely topped my last trip. Seeing three countries in two weeks was pretty cool and I like the way you arranged it. Taking ferries and boats to get from place to place was a unique experience for me. I think the food in Vilnius topped the food anywhere else we visited, but that's just my personal opinion. The Hill of Crosses was one of my favorite places we saw, too... Lots of history there. Really interesting. I guess I'd have to say Lithuania was my favorite country out of the three. There was something really comforting about it, and I could see myself moving there someday. We'll see. Again, thanks for arranging this getaway for me. If and when I take another trip to the Baltics or maybe just to Lithuania in the future, I'll get in touch. Melvin Dunster
Melvin Dunster
Baltic Tour exploring old capitals, Baltic seaside and countryside of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia