Hi Alex, We're home after an amazing trip to Scandinavia! I can't tell you how much I appreciated your guidance and support. You are so friendly and helpful! The city tours in each city always went well and learning about the history of each building, church, or statue was a lot of fun. You're lucky to have Erik working for you; he's a great guide. The fjords were breathtaking and much prettier up close than I thought they would be! Riding the Bergen and Flam Railways were definite highlights, as well as the ferry ride to Hella. Tasting the traditional Scandinavian food was a treat, and hearing the locals communicate was so cool... Every part of this trip was exciting and new to us, so we really appreciate your professionalism and guidance throughout! If anyone is looking to plan a Scandinavian tour, they should definitely go the Discover Scandinavia route! Cheers, Michael and Kim Walden - Michael and Kim Walden -