Hello - I can't remember now if we ever contacted you and told you 
what a fabulous trip we had to Iceland in August!  We loved it!  
Everything was wonderful.  You did a fabulous job planning 
everything.  I have just given your name to a friend who is interested 
in doing Scandinavian capitals this summer.

Also, I know your expertise is Scandinavia.  Do you ever do any other 
areas?  We have to be in Grand Forks, North Dakota the weekend of July 
23rd for a family wedding (my dad is Norwegian - so this is a quasi 
Scandinavian trip).  We have done a number of Canadian provinces with 
the kids but we haven't done Saskatchewan(sp?) or Manitoba.  I am not 
sure if there is much to see or do there.  My husband thought it would 
be fun to take the train from Grand Forks to Glacier National Park and 
rent a car and stay there for a number of days.  And, then take the 
sleeping train onto Seattle or Portland.  Is this a trip you could 
help us with?  If so, do you have any thoughts to make it better or 
more interesting.  We would be interested in staying in Glacier and 
William said the sleeping train was getting full.  Do you have any 
access to booking that for us?  Just let me know if this is something 
that you have experience with and are interested in doing. 

Happy New 
Year and thanks, Michelle Holloway