Susie, I just wanted to drop a quick note about the Best of Iceland tour (June 27 through July 8). IT WAS OUTSTANDING!!!! Iceland and the Icelandic people are wonderful. The tour group size was perfect - 7 people for the first 6 days and 4 people for the remaining 6 days (all great travel companions). Our mini tour bus was brand new and had 4-wheel drive allowing us to go anywhere - ford rivers and rutty roads. And our guide, Petur Gauti Valgeirsson (with Gudmundur Jonasson Travel) was superb. He went out of his way helping me research my genealogy. He put me in contact with a gentleman, Nelson Gerrard, at the Icelandic Emigration Center in Hofsos who not only knew of my family, but knew my family! Nelson provided me with 92 pages of my lineage going back before the year 783, a copy of an article about my great, great uncle, and told me stories about my great, great aunt who lived to be 104! Petur also took me (and our group) to the farm where my great grandfather grew up. Even though none of my family currently live on the farm, the young gentleman whose family runs the farm, gave us a tour, including witnessing the amazing automated milking machines - completely unmanned. The entire group enjoyed our little side trip to the 'family' farm. Thank you for your guidance and arrangements for a wonderful and rewarding tour of Iceland. Please pass on my comments to Gudmundur Jonasson Travel, as I do not have their email address. Again, thanks, Nancy Matheson - Nancy Matheson -