September 10, 2014

Review about Splendor of the Baltics with Nida Resort by Olivia Alton

Rating: 5
Dear Alex, What a wonderful tour of the Baltic countries! We returned home a few weeks ago and can't stop talking about what a fun vacation we had. We planned the trip almost a year in advance, so when it was finally ready to go, we almost couldn't stand it! I've dreamed of visiting Estonia for years after watching a film called Candles in the Dark. The setting was so beautiful, I just had to find out more and after researching Estonia's history, I was totally enamored. It definitely lived up to my expectations. Seeing the Old Town of Tallinn was special and I enjoyed learning about the history of the Dome Church and St. Catherine's Passage. As for the rest of the tour, I can only say I felt the locals in Riga were a bit distant. The life there seemed busy and I was told ahead of time to be careful not to get ripped off, but I didn't experience anything bad personally. The city itself was pretty and there was a lot of great lookout points to take pictures of the city. Estonia was my highlight of the trip though for sure. I'm so glad we decided to take the plunge and book this Baltic tour! Thanks again for your help, Olivia Alton
Olivia Alton
Baltic Tour exploring old capitals, Baltic seaside and countryside of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia