September 15, 2014

Review about Baltic Impressions by Pam Tierney

Rating: 5
Hi Dora, I thought I'd write a review for the Baltic Impressions tour my husband and I took part in back in July. We really enjoyed ourselves and I think you did a great job suggesting the perfect tour for our schedule and our personal interests. I visited Latvia when I was a teenager, so it was really fun visiting again and seeing how the city has grown. Our dinners in Latvia were really special and reminiscent of my time here way back when. I think the hotels were all great, though the hotel in Cesis was a bit too rustic for me. It was neat, but I'm a sucker for the newer hotels and all the accommodations they offer. Other than that, our guide was wonderful, the weather was nice, and I don't really have any complaints! It was a really nice trip and I'm glad we decided to go through with booking it. Touring the Baltics will always be in my top 5 favorite travel memories. Pam Tierney
Pam Tierney

Baltic Impressions

The Baltic Impressions tour is a ten day adventure through some of Northern Europe's most beautiful destinations. Nordic Saga Tours brings you to Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, and more!