September 05, 2014

Review about The Land of Northern Lights by Rachel and Dave Wilcox

Rating: 5
Dear Susie, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We've returned from our Iceland tour and can't get over how incredible it was. Thank you for all of your hard work and suggestions. There were so many awesome parts of the trip, like soaking in the Blue Lagoon, visiting the geothermal power plant, and seeing the natural phenomenons of the country like the many geysers, waterfalls, and bubbling hot springs. While our stay in Iceland was short, we had the best time and already can't wait to go back. Our guides helped make this Iceland trip really special, so please extend my sincerest gratitude to them! Thanks again, Rachel and Dave Wilcox
Rachel and Dave Wilcox

Northern Lights Tour

Northern Lights tour to Iceland includes a stay in Reykjavik with an afternoon to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, exploring the South coast and the famous active Eyjafjallajökull volcano , learning about Icelandic horses and a visit to a geothermal greenhouse.