September 04, 2014

Review about Reykjavik and Iceland Adventure by Rick Jenkins

Rating: 5
Dear Bobby, Wanted to give you a shout and say my vacation in Iceland was successful and very pleasant back in February. Loved the hotels, the food, the people, and definitely enjoyed the scenery. I was able to get a few great photos of the Aurora Borealis one night and am pleased with that whole experience. Never thought I'd get to see such beauty in person. I definitely had to try the fermented shark and must admit it was worth trying, but I don't know if I'd eat it again. I'd love to see the other side of the country in the future, so when I'm able to plan another trip to Iceland, I'll be in touch. Rick Jenkins
Rick Jenkins

Northern Lights Iceland Tour Review

Iceland offers many great things - here you will experience an eco-friendly life style, quality water and clean air. Enjoy gourmet dinners, geothermal spa relaxation times, and beautiful sightseeing all in one package!