December 05, 2017

Review about 8 Day Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise by Nicole, Alabama

Rating: 5
Hi Dora, I would like to share my impressions on the 8 Day Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise which you recommended to us. My husband and I are extremely happy we did it! Having a tour on the ship OCEAN DIAMOND was an excellent choice. We not only enjoyed the fantastic scenery of fjords but also made stops at quite a few small city harbors and and back to Reykjavik. At most of the stops we were on either a bus tour to a waterfall or nature park. We enjoyed a number of magnificent waterfalls some of them falling at least a 500 meters or more, so relaxing ... All in all a most enjoyable trip. Nicole, Alabama
Nicole, Alabama

8 Day Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise - highly recommended

Discover the amazing nature and culture of Iceland on board Nordic Saga's Iceland cruise, enjoy the beauty of Iceland's fjords, geysers, volcanoes and waterfalls with 8 days Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise.