December 05, 2017

Review about Tour of East Iceland Highlands, Fjords and Heritage by Cindy and John S.

Rating: 5
Best ever holiday in Iceland! Last spring we visited Iceland for the 6 days tour. It was simply the best experience we have ever had. We were lucky to be in a small group of travelers on this tour with a wonderful guide Skúli. We definitely had the best possible experience. Hotels were very comfortable, the food was great, and the scenery we were treated to was unbelievable. Magic! This holiday was wonderful from beginning to end and we would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the 'real' Iceland, guided by those who know and care about this amazing country. Cindy and John S.
Cindy and John S.
Iceland Northern Light tour offers a search and exploration of Aurora Borealis phenomenon through a series of night tours, excursions and lectures aiming to maximize the chances of seeing the mysterious lights.