A fantastic tour of the fire & ice island. Most visitors don't get to see the north & eastern side of the island. This tour hits all the highlights of the coastal towns. The bus intercom system was set at a perfect volume so you could hear our tour guide Arna clearly. She told us the interesting history behind each town or glacier or volcano eruption or stories of long ago. Each morning she would go over what we would see and also what to expect the next day. We traveled about 200 miles a day, sometimes through 1-lane tunnels. The hotels were all nice with the Siglo Hotel the most impressive. The towns are small so there is not much to do at night except be on the lookout for the Northern Lights which we saw in Egilsstadir! Pretty cool. If possible, you should do ALL the optional tours. We did not do some of the tours but the people who did raved about the experience. We loved the Myvatn Nature Baths and especially the Blue Lagoon after the tour ended. On the last day we arrived at the hotel around 2:30 pm so you can easily get to the Blue Lagoon for a 6 pm reservation. Buy the bus ticket when you make the reservation. They will pick you up at the hotel, take you to the BSI Bus Terminal where you board a bus to the Blue Lagoon. Get the premium ticket as the entry line is very short and you get a bathrobe too. We had 30 travelers on the bus and we all got along very well. It was a fun group. This is definitely the way to see Iceland! - Ronald Tozaki -