December 11, 2017

Review about The Land of Northern Lights by Schulz M

Rating: 5
Northern Lights Tour in Iceland in winter was amazing. We liked this tour very much. It is all about nature. I've never seen anything more exciting and mysterious. Waiting for the northern lights to appear could be cold and not much fun but when you see this phenomenon you do not remember the inconveniences you had. Our guide was extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. He explained the science behind the lights on our way to the site and also gave us a lot of information on the history and other things. I also liked the Blue Lagoon very much. It was fantastic to soak in warm water and enjoy nature in winter. Icelandic horses was a heartwarming experience. All in all we are very happy we took this trip and would do it again. Many thanks to Dora from Nordic Saga for arranging this amazing trip[ for us. Schulz M
Schulz M

Northern Lights Tour in Iceland in winter was amazing.

Northern Lights tour to Iceland includes a stay in Reykjavik with an afternoon to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, exploring the South coast and the famous active Eyjafjallajökull volcano , learning about Icelandic horses and a visit to a geothermal greenhouse.