May 29, 2018

Review about Nordic Capitals and Fjords Tour by Phillipe Vischi

Rating: 5
Dear Dora, many thanks for arranging this unbelievable tour for us. It was not possible to see and experience more. All events, hotels, transfers were arranged on time and efficiently. Guides in all the cities were great - so accommodating and knowledgeable. My husband had a minor health issue which was very attentively handled by the guide Gunilla and I would like to thank her once again. All in all we were very satisfied with the tour and the service we received from you and your Scandinavian partners. We are planning a new trip already and will book it with you for sure. Best regards, Phillipe Vischi
Phillipe Vischi

Many thanks for arranging this unbelievable tour for us

Iceland offers many great things - here you will experience an eco-friendly life style, quality water and clean air. From the Eyjafjallajökull glacier to the Skógafoss waterfall, the sights are endless in this amazing, magical country. Enjoy gourmet dinners, geothermal spa relaxation times, and beautiful sightseeing all in one package!