Hi, I still cannot forget the trip we did this summer in Iceland. This was my best holiday ever. We saw and learned a lot about volcanos, craters, geothermic heat, lava and many other things which were new to me and extremely interesting. You also saw fantastic natural landscapes, stopped in a fishing village to taste excellent seafood. Our guide was really helpful and would always care of all our needs. The trip was not only relaxing and pleasurable but also very educating. The landscapes of the area were breathtaking. Skogafoss waterfall made the unforgettable impression on me as well as the other 24 waterfalls. Glacier was another unforgettable experience. The organizational side was perfect as well. The booking process was smooth and informative. The trip was well run with efficient time management for us to see as much as possible. I would grade this trip as 5 star and recommend it to anyone who is looking for an extraordinaly experience. Maria Karlsson - Maria Karlsson -