February 28, 2018

Review about 12-Day Classic Roundtrip Voyage by Barbara Corby

Rating: 5
Hi Dora, Wanted to thank you for a perfect holiday. We were not disappointed to have chosen a 12day trip. We saw and experienced so much during this trip! We took a few optional activities like midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral but actually it was exciting enough of the all that was in the main package. Fantastic landscapes and natural phenomena that we enjoyed was the highlight. This trip will stay in our memories for ever. Highly recommended tour.
Barbara Corby

We were not disappointed to have chosen a 12day trip

This exciting roundtrip voyage brings you to 34 exciting ports in Norway. You will spend your days cruising on these magical waters surrounding Scandinavia. Learn about the history in each city and port we stop in and enjoy remarkable sights unlike anywhere else in the world. From fjords to towering mountains, to the quaint shops and museums in Norway, there's something to please all visitors on this Norwegian tour!