September 04, 2014

Review about Northern Lights Exploration by Kisa Gormick

Rating: 5
Dear Susie, I participated in the Northern Lights Exploration tour back at the end of January and had such a nice time. It was definitely cold and icy, but I loved it! The snow and glaciers and everything in between made the whole experience so much fun. I enjoyed the hotels and all the tours were great. I was able to see the Northern Lights a few times which was great! Wow - amazing colors! Such a cool experience. Have lots of photos and souvenirs to remember my time there that I'll cherish forever. Thanks again for making this trip to Iceland so much fun. Kisa Gormick - Kisa Gormick -
Kisa Gormick

Northern Lights our Review

Iceland Northern Light tour offers a search and exploration of Aurora Borealis phenomenon through a series of night tours, excursions and lectures aiming to maximize the chances of seeing the mysterious lights.