September 05, 2014

Review about New Years and Northern Lights by Sharon Wolff

Rating: 4
Hello Susie, I wanted to thank you for such a nice trip to Iceland over the winter. It was a lovely break from reality and getting to explore such a magical place was a lot of fun. The scenery of that country is unreal. The hot springs, mountains, glaciers, and geysers were so beautiful. The fireworks show was something right out of a movie! The hot spirngs and bubbling pools were so great. The national park was cool and learning about the Icelandic horses was something I found particularly interesting since I used to ride horses as a girl. Thank you again for making this trip so wonderful. Sharon Wolff
Sharon Wolff
Celebrate New Year's in Iceland's countryside and experience northern lights and incredible winter scenery,volcano craters, hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, the Golden Circle route, the South coast and Vatnajökull national park.