Thanks for all you've done that made our visit to Iceland 27 Dec to 4 Jan an absolutely marvelous experience!  We've traveled a number of times to Europe and this was up with the best experiences we have enjoyed.  We had NO PROBLEMS of any kind.

The weather cannot be changed - and, it was great! Snow also brought some ice.  Enough so that someone less able than we would have had difficulty. We enjoyed our time - we were dressed for the biting cold that the wind brought (wind chills were often 0 degrees F.)

The tour itself was well planned and flawlessly executed.  The tour guide was knowledgeable and the drivers careful and safe. Busses were always prompt and clean.
The Fosshotel Baron is 3-star as advertised, with a breakfast that greatly surpassed expectations. The staff was very helpful; the premises and rooms, clean.

If you have other clients who like great fireworks displays as I do, Reykjavik on New Year's is the place to go.  I could not have expected the sheer volume of those displays from my experiences here in the US.  That alone could have made the visit exceptional. The New Year's Day dinner at Laekjarbrekka was fabulous.  The Arctic Char --  words cannot express the wonderful taste and presentation! The Blue Lagoon on New Year's Day morning was fabulous - on that particular day, one should go in the AM to avoid the large afternoon crowds.  We also enjoyed Reykjavik's neighborhood thermal pools.

Icelandair will be our choice when travelling to Europe.  The flight is so much shorter and more enjoyable than going through the US and changing planes on the East Coast.The ability to stopover in Iceland enroute without extra charge will bring us back (as will the hospitality and thermal pools!).

Again, thanks, Dave and Bonnie Stere